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FX question - Leopard 2

SB Pro Version 4.0. Does anyone know which files are used for the internal Leopard 2 movement (rumble) & idle (engine) sounds. There is no i_leo2 or whathever, and the old leorumble/leoengine doesnt do the trick either.

I'm about to put out a new sound package for the Leopard 2 however I cant fit in the internal sounds.


Anyone knows - let me know.

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Posted (edited)

Is it possible the sim uses the same files from the Leo 1? (495 and 496). To my untrained and tinnitus-impaired ears they sound very similar -- maybe a slight pitch difference added by the sim?

Just a guess. No grease on the rope.



Edit: Let me change that so say the RUMBLE sounds very similar to me. I just re-listened to the engine at idle and it's quite different.

Edited by Splash
Second thoughts

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