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I'm sure you get some hits out of curiosity this way ... and because some of us read just about every post anyway ... but you might get even better attention to your questions if you'll use an actual subject line instead of putting your screen name there.


It will aid searching, as well.


Regarding your question: No, not in the sense you are asking. 


There is no mod to give an AK to a GI, or an M4 to a Soviet, for example. Some of the heavier weapons -- machine guns and anti-tank weapons -- can be chosen in the right-click options menu and via the ammunition selection.

And there are some clunky workarounds where you can choose an atypical "camouflage scheme" for the side in question and move appropriate skins to that folder. (Use uk in place of us1990, and also move the appropriate infantry skins into the uk folder, and you would have GIs carrying whatever that funky Brit rifle is.)


It would be nice to have "set look of infantry" include all of the infantry model options, and maybe even a primary weapon selection that includes all options so a mission-maker had more choices. I believe this has been asked for before, though, and I don't recall the response, except that it was something to the effect that while visually different, the various rifles all function essentially the same within the sim. So squint harder.

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