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Please bear with the potential or already answered Noob question.


But is it possible to put a decal on your vehicle(s) ?



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I believe you can, but as all vehicles of the same type share the same decal, the one decal will appear on every vehicle of that type.


E.g. You can add "Cat" to the side of a M1A2SEP, but then every M1A2SEP will have "Cat" on the side. You can't have one with "Cat", another with "Dog" and a third with "Mouse".


Some recently updated vehicles (e.g.: ASLAV-25) will have varying names but as yet the user / scenario designer can't control this.


For example, in my Army, vehicle names start with the letter of their unit.


A Squadron vehicles all start with "A", B Squadron vehicles all start with "B", etc.


If I create an ASLAV-25 with the call sign 11A (the first "1" indicating A Squadron) there is no linkage at present to guarantee that the 11A unit on the map has either:


"11A" painted on it, in the 3D world, or


A name starting with "A" in the 3D world.

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