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Argentine TCR/Brazilian ACR Task Organization

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I've been toying with the idea of creating a scenario focusing on a fictional conflict between Brazil and Argentina. Since I know very little about their task organization, I want to see if the Community knows a bit more. Specifically, I am looking for how these units are task organized at the Battalion level.


For the Argentine Tank Cavalry Regiment, I found this source: https://www.quora.com/How-many-tanks-are-in-a-tank-platoon-Company-Battalion-Brigade-etc


"3 Armored Cavalry Regiments, each regiment is composed of 3 Squadrons (A, B and C)- Each Squadron is composed of 13 tanks divided in 3 Sections of 4 tanks + Squadron leader. 
There is 39 fighting units plus the Regiment command Section of 1 Regiment staff + 1 Command Post vehicle of the regiment command. so 42 tanks + 4 Armored Mortar Carrier of the Fire Support Section."


For the Brazilian Armored Cavalry Regiment, I have been unable to find anything solid. I know they use a mix of M60A3s and Leopard 1 variants. My assumption is that they are organized similar to a US Armor Battalion. Any help here would be appreciated. 



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OKay ... hold on this is going to be long I am afraid.


Firstly, then this calims that Brazil have 469 MBT:



And 1707 APC´s and IFV´s:



Which does NOT match this source:



Which states that they have 726 MBT AND "light" tanks. And 913 APC´s and IFV´s. REMEMBER that MOST tanks in South america are relatively lighter than European equivalents !


Neither one agrees with Wikipedia:




Which lists force numbers as this:


This one includes weapons systems that the other dont:




Some of which MIGHT be outdated BUT remember that South America uses equipment deemed outdated on other continents:



SO ... first problem is just to get an idea of what equipment are in play. And I havent even begun on Argentina...


The overall formation of the Brazil army is this:




Made by an excellent guy i know, and from Wikipedia, from which you can see that their army is BIG.


They are constantly upgrading, and have the biggest economy of the South americas:



Thus making it a dynamic and not static number and field. SO next problem is what ERA and TIMEFRAME are you thinking of ..... ?


Most of the armored fighting vehicles are in the southern command:




Which is the one that will fight Argentina.



Try looking at this site:




Short version:


I dont have a specific answer to your question



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Thanks for the input @Nike-Ajax, very informative for sure! 


I'm looking at having this scenario set around 2008, so I think that I'll use the M60A3 for the Brazilians. If I can't find anything on how they normally organize their Battalions, I'll probably default to a US Task Org. 

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No problem.


I the meantime I have trawled through every site I know and a few I didnt including in Portugese ... NOTHING


Good bet with the US SOP: Brazil fought alongside americans in WW 1  and WW 2, and was trained by americans including during the military rule.

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