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Seriously, I don´t have all that time, I don´t even know if I will buy the above Desert War. For a game without a campaign and made with Java, I find it a bit expensive.  But then it has a pretty good editor and its fully modable, so who knows, or I might just wait for it to be on sale.


Not all the games I post here I own and/or play.  It´s just a way to inform others of whats out there and what has just been put out, instructional means, or my take of what I like and play.  Like alot of other wargamers, I buy games for to someday play them, if I have time or for my retirement! :D


I see alot of other players "bat-caves" with walls full of games and there´s no way there ever going to have enough time to learn and play all of them.  Iam trying not to be like that because I don´t do this as a collection, I try to buy games that have "something" that interest me, be it it´s system and/or the era.  Basically I try to find games that are tactical and have a high degree of realisim for the most part.  Just learning the rules is very time consuming, so it´s a matter of picking the right games.  I do admit that I like ALL wargames, but you have to draw the line somewhere, because as stated " there´s just not enough time".


At present Iam trying to get into a traning sesion with the author (J.D. Webster) of Whistling Death form his Fighting Wings series, this via the Fighting Wings user group.  That will take me some time to learn and go through the rules set.  In between I will poke at Birds of Prey, and the Assault Series (GDW) with my friend Mr Abrams.  These three games alone are quite complex, so time and dedication are needed.  I tend to try to be at to many places at once, so with age I learned to narrow things down and get things done! At least I´ll try.  It´s a hobby that I enjoy and that captures my fasination, that about sums it up. :)



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Well, maybe there are some that do have time to play mountains of games :D


Marco shows us the remake of The African Campaign by Compass games, a designer signature series game...





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