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Question for Chris Werb

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Give Rotareneg a coconut! :)  It is indeed an instant action scenario with the M1A2 MBT. I manage to "win" that one every three attempts or so. I put down very slow firing, long duration DPICM (one or two tubes firing one or two rounds a minute into a 100x400 impact area at 0 deg.) to disrupt the enemy behind the wood to the North East and then keep firing through the trees with my sights set to about 2850M until I see impact flashes, secondaries or smoke. I then aim to the right of the estimated position of the KO'd vehicle and slowly move my sights back and forth killing or imobilising more and more vehicles until it causes a road block. I then pour on the DPICM. What I'm guessing here is that I killed something too close to or on a spawn point.

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