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Wi-Fi WPA2 security flaw



There's a flaw in WPA2 that allows an attacker to listen in on (and inject data into) a WPA2 "secured" Wi-Fi connection. This means a WPA2 connection is effectively an unsecured connection, so that, for example, credit card transactions performed over a Wi-Fi point-of-sale device would be vulnerable to being captured by anyone in range if the Wi-Fi signal, assuming the device isn't also using TLS or some other secure connection besides just assuming Wi-Fi WPA2 is secure.


Apparently Microsoft has a patch almost ready for Windows, but the big issue is Android devices: Google doesn't really support older versions of Android, and only 18% of Android users are using Android 7 or greater, only 0.2% are on 8.


The TL;DR version: If you're using an older Wi-Fi device which hasn't been patched to fix this flaw, any Wi-Fi connection it makes might just as well be completely unsecured, even when connected to a "secure" WPA2 access point.

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