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Tuesday 24th of October "Kanium Tuesday Ad-Hoc Session 5: Mechanized Infantry"

Tuesday 24th of October "Kanium Tuesday Ad-Hoc Session 5: Mechanized Infantry"

When: Tuesday 24th of October at 20:00 CEST (UTC Offset: UTC +2)

Where: Kanium TS ( teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 )

World Clock: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Tuesday+24th+of+October+"Kanium+Tuesday+Ad-Hoc+Session+5%3A+Mechanized+Infantry"&iso=20171024T20&p1=69&ah=2

We will meet in Kanium TS at the designated time (around 15 minutes before kickoff) and take it from there


Setup guide for Kanium TS:



IP Adress for Network session is in Kanium TS, under Steel Beasts 




After a summerbreak, we return with a another session about Mechanized Infantry in Steel Beasts.


This remains a challenge for many, particularly so as there are no intros to Mech. Inf. in SB.


So to work with that, we have convinced Kingtiger to take us through some training again.

It will be in 2 parts, like so:


1) Basic infantry control in SB, duration about 60 minutes.

2) IF time permits: A scenario with Mech. inf, duration around 60 minutes 


It would be nice to have a general idea of how many we will be for the sake of the scenario, so feel free to sign up below if you already know you want to participate. Otherwise show up on time (around 15 minutes before kickoff), and we will sort that out as well.


All request and wishes to future games are as usual welcome.


The theme in general is that this will be a training game, so training SOP´s, tactics, gunnery or what the people want. Small unit stuff in other words.


Games will be open to anyone regardless of nationality, affiliation and level of skill.


Only requirement is that you can speak and understand a comprehensible english, and can get along with others to the degree that you can interact with them.

Edited by Nike-Ajax

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So last night hit of with 2 ½ student with good results. What was voiced afterwards was a request to learn more on the usage of the CV90 family, 9040 in particular so that is something we hopefully can fix, we have after all a serving 9040 gunner and former 9035 driver in Kanium so shouldn't be impossible, but I will leave that to Nike to sort out :)



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Consider it done !


Sorry I could not attend: 22 hopeful pupils demanded my attention ...


T(h)anks for the effort KT, will see what I can do 

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