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Adding a Party in scenarios

In the mission editor, how do you add a party so its not just the "blue and red" team, ie i want to make multiplayer scenarios with a green team?

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Top right of the Mission Editor screen you should see an entry "Choose Party". By default it shows "Blue". Click on the down arrow and you'll see a choice for "Configure ..."


You should then see a table where you can add "sides" (up to ten new ones in addition to Blue and Red = 12 in total).


You can then determine out if the new side is Neutral or Allied to Red or Blue (or other side).


This "Allied" status can be fixed (i.e. always allied) or conditional (Allied to Blue if some condition is met, Allied to Red is some other condition is met).


You can also rename the parties from the default colours to something more in line with the context of the scenario you are creating.


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