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Major duck


Kanium Sunday 5th of NOV 1900 UTC "Flank Attack (M60)" by Apocalypse
Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077

World Clock 1900 UTC


Please notice the daytimes saving settings have change in europa


Flank Attack (M60)
by Apocalypse


a. Enemy. The 1st Battalion of the 881st Brigade Tactical Group (BTG) is established in a deliberate defense along Eastern flank of the 881 BTG. Their current disposition is unknown, but they are composed of 6x Platoons of T-62 tanks, 6x Platoons of BMP-1's, 1x Recon platoon (BRDM-2), and 1x Platoon of 2S1 Artillery. 

b. Friendly forces will conduct an attack to defeat the 881 BTG, in order to allow friendly forces from 2nd Battalion to pass through our area of operations, along Highway 5. To the east, Team Apache will conduct an attack to fix the 2-881 BTG, while Team Kanium conducts an attack to destroy the 1-881 BTG: the destruction of the 1-881 BTG will expose the flanks of the 881 BTG and provide Team Bulldog an opening to assault through to destroy the remnants of 2-881 sa well as the BTG reserve, 3-881.

Team Kanium attacks to destroy the 1-881 BTG between PL BLACK and PL GOLD in order to pass friendly forces for follow on operations. 


a. Purpose. The purpose of this operation is the destruction of the 1-881 BTG so that TEAM BULLDOG may attack to destroy the remainder of the 881 BTG. 

b. Key Tasks 
1. Destroy 1-881 BTG
2. Seize OBJ BEAR
3. Pass Team BULLDOG to destroy the 2-881 and 3-881.

c. End State 
i. Terrain. Objective BEAR is seized; The AO is cleared to pass TEAM BULLDOG.
ii. Friendly: Friendly forces are established in a hasty defense along PL GOLD, prepared to safely pass follow-on forces. 

iii. Enemy: The 1-881 is destroyed between PL BLACK and PL GOLD; unable to interfere with follow-on friendly forces. 

iv. Civilian: Minimal collateral damage and disruption to the civilian way of life. 

d. Fires 

6x Tubes of 120mm Mortar (organic)
3x Sorties of CAS (AH-64 w/ 2x Hellfires ea - "notional" CAS). Call-sign "Troublemaker" will begin their approach and engage targets of opportunity upon call (Trigger by A66/A65) then RTB





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FO please and please 2 platoons with 3 tubes mortars.




D u k e

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14 hours ago, D u k e said:

2 platoons with 3 tubes mortars

It's in.


This will be the new standard

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Thanks for the game. Was more challenging then I hoped ;-)

Recon with Pandur... seems to have a tendency to stumble into enemy heavy armour very early. Since OPFOR has a tendency to deploy armour inside wooded terrain.


Can someone upload the AAR file? I had to opt out early...and my SB crashed.

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Yes fun and challenging. I have to practise my mikromanagement skills and bridging... 

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