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leopard 2 texture and model error

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sry about this im not trying to be a dick picker or nut tucker or what dark calls it, only trying to help out where i can with info and views to make the models better.

leopard 2a4 loaders hatch smoothing error on the catch handles



Leopard 2a5dk normals missing on the turret lod



plus same error on the loaders hatch with smoothing group



although this last one for dark is right up his alley :) under the loaders ring the textures have bolted textures whereas the bolts dont allign,  (Bloody Joking here dark but ill post it for u anyways ;)  )



Edited by DK-DDAM

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no the padlocks are missing detail... just kidding.. hope this helps you lot anyways no matter how fucked up i am

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