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T-72 NSVT mount where?

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does anyone know the file name for the t-72 heavy machine gun mount?


there are two models, one for the external f8 view, and a more detailed model from the tank commander's view (which is called nvst.dds).


i can't locate the model for the less detailed mount for the f8 view. the file structure can get a bit mystifying...

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The mount (the part that attaches to the cupola ring) is on the skin itself, just above the hatch interior texture.

Not sure about the rest of the furniture (frame, crank, handle, spent cartridge bag? etc.) Thought it might be ruswpn.dds ... but changing that file had no effect for me. So I left it green.

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Just checked again out of curiosity.

The gun and all of its furniture -- for both the internal view F7 and external F8 -- are on the file NVS.dds. [note NVS and not nvst]. But to mod it you must use the old trick of adding a copy to the season mod folder OUTSIDE of the nation folder.


The mount --  the attachment to the cupola ring -- as mentioned above, is part of the newer T72 skin template. For both F7 and F8 views.

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i'm having trouble with this one, since i am working on a t-72 base for iraqi forces, the current color scheme looks a little too brown; of course as you point out, with the new 4.00 skin which integrates t-72a/m1 with t-72/m, the parts are no longer integrated with the skin. these shots show the difference in color- i've painted the whole thing red, and it still has no effect. i looked at the nvs file, and i don't think it has all the complete parts. as everyone who mods will attest, the file structure for steel beasts is getting more difficult with each release to find everything as they spread across multiple files with not necessarily any intuitive way of finding them







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