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M1A2 SEP/ M1A2 SEP v2 APU/DVRC recognition

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Hello there, I read on the Michael Green book "Images of War, M1 Abrams Tank" that the M1A2 SEP was not fitted with APU, the turret bustle EAPU was removed and be replaced by the clim. An UAAPU firstly was programmed when removing the left rear fuel tank but because money restriciton the M1A2 SEP was not fitted with APU.


I also read that the M1A2 SEP v2 was fitted with the UAAPU (6 batteries), like it was programmed on the M1A2 SEP, and the SEP v2 was normally fitted with TIP and DVRC, Thermal rear driver camera.


Problem is here: I found on many docs on the net that the M1A2 SEP was fitted with an UAAPU, so not only the M1A2 SEP v2, and in the book, tanks' photos which are presented like "M1A2 SEP v2" have TIP and left rear tank removed but looks like on some tanks the rear thermal driver's camera is not always fitted on photos.


So, about APU, what is the truth for the M1A2 SEP and M1A2 SEP v2 APU, and what about the DVRC. Is it a must to have it to call a M1 Abrams a SEP v2 or not ?


Thank's for the read and answering

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The RVSS and the TIP are the standard now for the V2's. These were added Modification Work Orders. As for the APU, as of now the SEP V2's have the 6 Extra Batteries in the left side. There were many issues with the UAAPU such as malfunctions and fires which were on the V1's. 

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