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BG ANZAC - 28 DEC 0830GMT (with TeamViewer support) - 4.023

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Who is BG ANZAC? https://www.bganzac.org


Described here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbforums/showthread.php?t=21753


A couple of examples of the BattleGroup at work:


Multi Player session:




Training session:



So if you are interested, visit our web site https://www.bganzac.org and sign up.


Timings: Thursday evenings, Australian East Coast time.


Through a combination of democracy, state's rights and bl**dy mindedness, the country is now fractured into numerous time zones (three wasn't enough) for the next six months and we need to adjust the start time.


Next meeting: 0830 GMT on Thursday, December 28th.

0830 in London (GMT / Zulu)

1630 in Perth

1800 in Darwin

1900 in Adelaide

1830 in Brisbane

1930 in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra

2130 NZST in Auckland


Your Local time: Local time for your part of the world


Count down: Time remaining until Meeting start


You need version 4.023 to play! Link below


Mission will start promptly at 0830 GMT. If you want a pre game "chat" then by all means come on line at say 0800 GMT, but so that the Kiwi's aren't after Midnight the Mission will commence promptly at 0830 GMT.


In game chat / Communications:


You'll need access to "Teamspeak" to communicate with us.


This is detailed here: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Starter_Pack


We continue the use of TeamViewer so people without the Steel Beasts software can connect and see and hear what we see and hear (looking over our shoulder if you like).




This maybe a suitable vehicle for people to see what the software is all about, without having to invest in even a short time limited copy.


Anyway we'll see how it goes.




In terms of this Thursday night, depends on sign ups but:


1. No "silly season timetable" because people just provided their ability to attend the regular Thursday sessions.


2. Revisiting some "not so easy missions" from the past - probably harder still after 4.023. These need a few people to turn up.


3. Do some "Brilliant at the Basics" work?


4. Something completely different.


As always, visitors / first timers / spectators are welcome.


Current Standard: 4.023


Please use the new Calendar RSVP function or post here to facilitate planning.




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I would guess so - have been at a family function all day, and only just came in. But let me check and have an answer for you in 5 minutes


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Happy to kick this off maybe an hour earlier than usual.


I think it might be a good opportunity to confirm some RT18 issues ("the map", etc.) prior to the regular session.


This would be mainly aimed at Shaun and Rhys (if they can make it) with the main event starting at the publicised time.

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thx for the game, my favorite mission. I will do an ANZAC version again.


This comrade had enough after his BN died.




D u k e


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6 hours ago, Nike-Ajax said:

next game on next thursday ?




Given that I always post the details on Sundays, it will be up in a few minutes.

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