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Camera path animation editor

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I was wondering if there are unclear points about it. There is this video on YouTube, a meritorious effort, but it doesn't cover all aspects. So I was wondering if the description that I gave in the Release Notes was found lacking?


Points not covered in the video (treat these as additional remarks):


  1. The "Lase" key (Ctrl) will shift the focus point of the camera to the closest object behind it (just like the laser ranger finder in Steel Beasts does); it doesn't have to be always only a few meters in front of the camera. ... By "lasing" the same spot in the next keyframe it endures that the camera view doesn't sway unexpectedly as shown in the video's three-keyframe path example.
  2. The "Tether" field allows you to make the whole camera path shift with a moving unit. In other words, the key frame locations are no longer absolute world coordinates as per default, but now offset by being tethered to the chosen unit (as it might move across the terrain). ... In the video's example it would be the lead tank of the tank platoon; more importantly, it allows to set another keyframe to shift the frame of reference to a DIFFERENT tether unit (use with care, that may lead to potentially very unpredictable camera movement if the keyframes are close to each other and the units are far apart/moving fast/in different directions
  3. Then there's a drop-down field that allows to refine the tethered unit's frame of reference tothus further bending the camera path to follow the chosen component (shifting the coordinate from "absolute world with unit offset" to "unit component polar coordinates")
    • the hull,
    • the turret, or
    • the main gun
  4. (Alt+H) removes all HUD elements, for a more cinematic view
  5. Camera paths can be edited while pausing the scenario (Pause)

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Only when testing in the mission editor. And you can't move the camera when paused in the mission editor with ProPE, so that makes it a bit harder to use.

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You can't?

You're supposed to. :(


I trust that you tried this while in the 3D view, and after starting the execution phase.

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That's correct. The Camera Animation window itself remains interactive when paused, so you can add and remove key frames for example, but the camera cannot be rotated or moved.

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