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Pizarro WIP

Been trying my hand at skinning for SB, its been a long time since ive touched Photoshop so its been slow progress. Got a lot more to do yet, been a bit limited with my scheme because a lot of areas are duplicated in the skin, but am having a go, not great but getting there, need to dirty her abit more, well a lot more and get rid of some of the brightness i think, anyways here she is. All criticism welcomed or advice, tips etc, thanks.




Going to do one in Spanish markings also, if i can get hold of some, these markings just to see how she looks in ficticous British markings. But i like the Desert Rat emblem and all that.

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try to get the patterns to match up across faces more. Its a pain but the difference is worth it.

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Been tidying her up a bit, just got to add some dirt now.





Should be done soon, Shown here in BATUS colours Woodland and at home in the desert also, will upload it if anyones interested, thanks for the help guys.

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