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Thou Shalt not Crest

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Nice. The provided images make things very easy to understand, even for a layman.

Movement though hilly terrain is a risky business. But it must be done, and the tactics you show are good ones. Finding the threat requires that you take risks, but at the same time you must minimize them. You must limit your exposure, but also position yourself in a way that you can respond once your ambushed. Because you will be ambushed. Even the best screening force will fail to detect every threat. Especially that of a competent foe.

I would dare to say that this environment compares very well to that of an urban area. Both in perils and engagement distances. The mountains provide a risky, yet rewarding position in the same way a church steeple or clock tower would in MOUT.

The question of which one is worse is to me a difficult one.

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This blog has had a direct influence on how I approach movement technique in SB. It was also nice to see the feedback that Gary gave you as a bonus. Keep up the good work! SB really does seem to reward the use of real world tactics, and this sort of discussion makes the game that much more enjoyable to play.

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