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Does anyone have interior pictures of apc's hit by m829 to m829A3 ammo??

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They might be disappointing - I imagine thumb-sized holes on both walls and little else. To get dramatic after-armor effect, you need armor massive enough that it causes the penetrator to shatter and dump a lot of energy.

For a lower-bound example, picture M829A3 going through your crew tent - the tent wouldn't turn into a meat grinder. You'd hear a tiny sonic boom/snap but to the penetrator it's scarcely different from plowing through air. :)

(I'm not deliberately avoiding the question, though it might seem like it. The only damage I've seen first hand was a cutaway steel block at the armor school which had been shot with a tungsten penetrator, and a rusted-out M113 on one of the Wainwright ranges. The M113 had been there for years and was swiss cheese on the near and far sides, implying that Leopard 1 rounds were blowing clean through it.)

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Better answer to the question

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