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'Native' Resolution of Steel Beasts

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Is there a screen resolution which is supposed to be the 'true' representation graphically of Steel Beasts? I upgraded my machine from 8 years ago, for the first time experimenting with different resolutions from my default 1024 x 768, which at the time then gave me the optimal balance between quality and performance.

Scaling up from that creates very apparent changes with the optics, whereas the viewing area gets culled out or flattened or distorted. The models also have wide variation- taller, more stocky, or a longer, more flat appearance. My monitor's native 1920 x 1200 resolution gives the visual effect that the vehicles look like they've been squeezed to about 70 % their actual length, but gain maybe 30 % height; consequently, the T-72 looks like an early model WW2 M4 Sherman. I scaled down the resolution to affect a longer, flatter appearance, which still doesn't look like the correct scale, but has interesting effects, regardless.

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That shouldn't happen. You need to make sure that whatever resolution you pick, it should be of the same aspect ratio as your screen. The natural resolution of your display, you wrote, is 1920x1200, or 16:10. Other suitable resolutions for you are 1024x640, 1184x740, 1280x800, 1536x960, and so forth.

Your graphics card driver may offer a lot more and other screen resolutions. What happens is that since you are running SB Pro PE in fullscreen mode (I guess), it stretches the image to fit the screen dimensions, thereby eventually distorting it. You may need a pocket calculator to identify the screen reolutions that are good, or simply use SB Pro PE in windowed mode where no distortions will occur.

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