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Azure Lion

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@paradoxbox  (duplicated comment for duplicated post)

If you change the 'defend' tactic's building behaviour to 'stay outside', putting them into a battle position (default binding E) will make them stop and setup the launcher, without walking away to go inside a building: (top edge of map screen/options/default behaviour in buildings/defend/stay outside). Theres your 1 click command for setting up a launcher. You should get familiar with the default behaviours for routes and tactics.http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Moving_Units_On_Routes

You can also edit route waypoint tactics : (top edge of map screen/options/default route waypoint tactics/engage [etc])

Also, for dev's; that WIKI page needs some updating, its pretty important info for people trying to learn the game, i think.


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9 hours ago, Gibsonm said:


I think that was covered initially here:

Then it was added here as a "wish" since I gather he doesn't want to / doesn't have time to, switch to the map.


Yeah, I read that thread, too. He thinks that if he sees a target of opportunity when he's in F7 view of the missile team, he has to switch to the map and set tactics for the unit in order to get access to the launcher.


He is given a few suggestions relating to using the "e" key or setting default tactic/waypoint behaviors in advance.



Maybe I wasn't clear. 




In the 3-D world (F7 or F8 in this instance), click the missile team's icon (lower right area of the screen). This gives you several actions. One of them is "Engage here." (Another is "observe here" ... another is "Shoot at unit" ... they will work in this case, too.)

Click that command and then place the white pointer on the aforementioned target of opportunity. Assuming the squad has not already seen the threat, it will stop (if moving), set up its launcher without looking for a better battle position, and shoot the target (assuming it has LOS and appropriate fire orders). You can access the weapon sight as soon as the weapon is operational. No map involved; no separate step setting tactics.


What's so tough about this? It works for me.


Setting "e" or BP tactics will not keep AI soldiers from trying to crawl off into a "better" firing position -- and missing the firing opportunity. Using the icon's context menu gets exactly what paradoxbox wants, when he wants it.


It might also get his squad killed because of poor concealment, but that's his business, I guess.

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On 24/05/2017 at 0:21 AM, Splash said:


But you can if you like ;) . Anyhow, if setting up a missile team is too 'clunky' for someones liking, this game will probably drive them crazy anyway!

Edited by Bond_Villian

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