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New BG ANZAC Web presence

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About three years ago now I persuaded some like minded people to form BG ANZAC.

We had a simple web presence using some basic groupware called Basecamp, it had limitations but it was free (always an advantage). :)

Over time we have basically out grown it and over the last few months we have been working on a new web presence.

It still has some kinks to iron out but on the basis that a "80% plan now is better than a 100% plan in the PW camp" we are launching it tonight.

Its URL is:


And the home page looks like this:



From the "Who we are" page:

Battle Group ANZAC (BG ANZAC) is a Virtual Unit (VU) founded in 2012 whose primary, though not exclusive, focus is on the Australian Army‘s Armoured and Mechanised Units and equipment. The unit is a member of the global community that participates in modern armoured warfare simulations using the Steel Beasts Pro PE simulation software. BG ANZAC is comprised of likeminded Australians and New Zealanders who welcome anyone with similar interests in armoured warfare.

The group meets at least once a week and participates in all major Steel Beasts community events.

It should also be noted that the aim of the BG ANZAC web site/forum is to supplement (not replicate) the Steel Beasts site with a focus on BG ANZAC specific material. The Steel Beasts web site/forum remains the focus of general discussions and acts as the central reference.

An extract from the Prerequisites/Ethos section:

In terms of personal attributes:

- Be a sensible and mature (not necessarily “old”) person

- Have a working knowledge of English

- Have a reasonable sense of humour

- Conform to the “Ethos” of BG ANZAC as outlined in line with the Ethos section below

In terms of playing style:

- Use the BG ANZAC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

- Not attempt to gain an unfair advantage through the use of “exploits”, “hacks“, or other “gamey“, non realistic behaviour.


BG ANZAC is a non-exclusive Virtual Unit (you can be a member of BG ANZAC and any other Virtual Unit concurrently).

The majority of Steel Beasts players exhibit a mature approach to life and we expect that this same approach be applied to actions and comments both within BG ANZAC or if representing BG ANZAC, when interacting with others.

Having said that many of the foundation members come from a service background where the “standard you walk past is the standard you accept” and accordingly inappropriate comments relating to race, gender, religion and extreme political views will not be tolerated. Colourful language also needs to be controlled, especially if there are visitors in the session that you don’t know or if you are part of a BG ANZAC contingent to a larger activity.

Normally people’s judgment will provide the guidance required but if you overstep the mark, do not be surprised if someone calls you to account, usually in a friendly, constructive way. However, become a “serial offender” and you will be shown the door.

When playing, wherever possible employ our SOPs so everyone knows what is going on and what to expect. Don’t “cheat” in all its guises (through the use of “exploits” or “hacks“) or use “gamey“, non realistic behavior.

Having said that the fundamental outcome is to enjoy the sessions and develop a sense of camaraderie with people of similar interests and develop an esprit de corps within BG ANZAC.

The BG ANZAC Intent statement:


As outlined on the “Who we are“ page, BG ANZAC primary aim is to provide a local venue for Australians and New Zealanders to use the Steel Beasts Pro PE software to simulate modern warfare, be it predominantly armoured, asymmetric, or dismounted in nature.

A secondary aim is to help non serving players gain a working understanding of the tactics, techniques and procedures (within security constraints) used by many Western armies, and their likely opponents, when employing this equipment so they can acquit themselves well when participating in the frequent multi national, multi player events held throughout the year.


These goals are achieved by holding weekly meetings and as part of the meeting cycle, running internal, staged, training activities (using open source information) on the conduct of various types of military operation.

Participation in these local activities serves as good preparation for participation in the frequent multi national, multi player events held throughout the year.

As a good community member, and as a professional development activity, BG ANZAC has run one of these events in each of the past two years. This has developed planning and scenario creation and playtesting skills within the Battle Group’s members.

End State

The desired end state is one in which the members:

- Enjoy their participation and want to continue their membership

- Develop a sense of camaraderie with people of similar interests

- Develop an esprit de corps within BG ANZAC

- Tell their friends about the software and ideally recruit additional members

- Increase their understanding of and proficiency with the software

- Have sufficient confidence to attend broader community led multi player events

You are welcome to come and visit, although access to the forum and some pages is limited to members (there has to be some advantages to being a member). ;)

Membership is open to all (although meetings will remain to be held at our current AS/NZ friendly time).

Should you wish to join, just a note about passwords. They need to be:

"Password must be at least 6 characters with 1 uppercase and 1 symbol"

One of those "kinks" I mentioned earlier is that "pop up" messages are fleeting.

If you see one while registering its either because:

1. Your password doesn't satisfy the criteria mentioned above. The fix is to choose one that does.

2. Your application was good but is being reviewed (i.e. I'm getting an email). In that case just wait a little while and you should get an email back from me saying "welcome". If you don't please PM me here and we will sort it out. :)

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Just joined the mix, and awaiting the "Welcome" message. The site looks very good: Well Done! :luxhello:

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