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    11 January 2019 08:00 PM      11:00 PM

    Well the final scheduled session was held this morning (my time).
    After about 3 hours people wanted to have a break / go to bed, etc. (and my voice needed a rest).
    Anyway there will be a final confirmatory session to "fight the fight" and see how the plan that was developed works out.
    If you'd like to participate in this you are more than welcome to come along (i.e. you need not have attended the previous three sessions).
    Date / Time: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20190111T2000
    Please meet in SB Teamspeak Lobby 10 mins prior so we can at least have an idea as to how many players there will be (will impact the CO's decision as to who gets what).
    Please be aware that some new CO's will likely be in the chair and it will still be a vehicle for teaching / discussion (so be prepared for the occasional "pause" while we discuss something). Also this is meant to be a vehicle to build people's confidence so if in your opinion they are doing something wrong, please keep your thoughts to yourself.
    If a CO is being "monstered" by one of their subordinates, I'll jump in and ask the subordinate to dial it down, if they don't they will be kicked from the session.
    For those who asked, I'm afraid that no this wont be recorded.
    Why? - As a serving Officer, I am not allowed to make "public comment" about topics without clearance. This is why my signature block says what it says to cover written comment. Recorded audio on YouTube = "Public Comment", especially if I were to express a personal opinion (without knowing someone was recording). In addition recording people's voices in Australia is illegal without their permission or a Warrant.

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