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TGIF Battle


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This event repeats every week on Friday forever

Event details

Weekly TGIF battle, meet on the steelbeasts.com teamspeak server at 9 PM Central Standard Time.  This is currently Sat, 2 AM UTC/GMT.


Everyone is welcome, no experience required.  Doing some of the tutorials to learn the basics before arrival is recommended.


If you have never attempted online play before, please show up a 10 minutes early and ask someone there to help you test out your ability to connect.  


Typically we run head to head battles, but we will do co ops from time to time as well.  

Recommended Comments

What is the TS address? 

I am a Newbie and need to know what I need to download to join too!


Need answers soon I think it's about to start



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Have fun I got no fn idea how to get in when the f it is going to be here in Connecticut. USA


I'll attempt next week. I got some learning to do!

Salute and have fun guys


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20 hours ago, AngryMarvin said:

I do need work but I am getting a little better!


You can learn a lot in multiplayer (like what not to do) :)

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Typically we use whatever the newest version of pro pe is.  Thanks!

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Is there a scenario or some text about the battle for tonight, Friday, April 5th, 2019 EDT?  I assume that is the right word.  IDK may be briefing or campaign?

I am knew here, so I do not know where everything is yet and all of the lingo.  Just wanted to get a heads up if the data was available somewhere.

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