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  2. Just have to make something on my own, if I can make that happen, with my trial and error way of doing that.
  3. You can edit the tutorials as far as I can tell. Instant action and the tank ranges not so much, unless you have the magic passwords
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  5. If you had the password, yes. Scenarios are password protected, so that puts a damper on things.
  6. Wish- Rework for HMG/LMG sounds to use looped sounds instead of single shots. How Current LMG sounds currently play: It current method sounds like the shot is calling for a single sound file to play over and over- the issue is that it sounds unnatural and almost as if the previous sound STOPS playing when the next one is played - which prevents the staccato and natural sounding reverb of an automatic weapon. How I wish LMG sounds played: AFVs currently use looped files to play their machine guns sounds. It sounds much more natural and works on a loop rather than calling a single sound over and over. I'd be happy to provide the sounds for the team. I'll have the burrito, extra chicken with a large iced tea- thanks.
  7. I think it's one of those open entries in the bug tracking database.
  8. Yes ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\scenarios
  9. I was wondering that as well re the T-72B3 seems to all the rage, justifiably so
  10. Guess I'll ask here also... was wondering if it was possible to edit the gun range map... like to replace one of the early T-72's with the newer one... kinda surprised the M60 A3 has a spot on the gun range and in the instant action but not the T-72-B3.
  11. I was wondering if it is possible to edit the tutorial maps.
  12. Just a small thing. When i use the auxiliary sight on the Leopard and zero it to 2000 meters it stays on that value until I change it again. Meaning I can switch position, jump to a different vehicle etc, when I come back it's still on 2000 meters. However, when I set up my thermal imager this doesn't happen. I set it up (contrast, brightness), swap to the TC and my entire set up has alredy been set back to standard. This is a bit frustrating. Is it possible to change that? That would very helpful.
  13. Glad you enjoyed it! One of the goals is to try to showcase how a platoon fits into a company's fight. Hopefully the ideas of tactical patience, mass, and synchronization shine through as well.
  14. M60A3 (non-TTS) has given rise to my new favorite game: 'Spot The Target!'
  15. Great teaching mission just completed it. Was fun and taught some good basics, like how it ended up being a multiple platoon engagement at the end. Made it feel like you were just a small part of something bigger. Looking forward to the follow ups.
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  17. Yeah, there's "a" boat for "a" customer. It's neither particularly useful nor particularly sophisticated. In an ideal world you wouldn't even notice that you're missing out on this "feature".
  18. Nice details I’ve noticed: - “no change” option as default for unit spacing on routes and waypoints - In AAR with the option ticked for ignore events outside view enabled, the map won’t jump to centre on the next event, so you can scroll through more easily
  19. Finished fire missions and the Boats category are not new, pretty sure already in earlier versions.. Engine off if is a great addition if it’s working, have you tested?
  20. You may be observing what was described above. Hard to say. You would have to observe it after the change to know. But let's say that if you aren't observing the bug above (because the sight would be moving all over the place erratically no matter what FOV you are in); in general - just because you are zoomed in to maximum magnification doesn't mean that the turret and gun of the T-72B3 should be less responsive. The T-72B3's FCS doesn't know any better (as far as we currently know), so what you will get then is like looking through a telescope trying to track a moving object - any input at that level of magnification is going to feel exaggerated. The highest zoom magnification on the T-72B3 is really intended to be used on long range stationary targets, or in conjunction with the auto-tracking feature (that's the main reason the latter function exists IIRC). But I am also not saying there isn't another issue there either. Just a general description that the higher the magnification, the harder its going to be to move the sight around, and this this might be getting confused with the bug behavior described above.
  21. A couple nice things I noticed in the mission editor: "Engine off, if..." and Embark on route if "Unit this is done with fire mission". Also... boats as an category of units?
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