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  2. I tried few times gamepad but my best combo keyboard plus flying throttle is much better.
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  4. And for a good reason - None of those concepts brought any additional capability that upgrades to existing models couldn't achieve. GCV isn't dead though - it's still a thing but more of an overall project; AMPV is an output and its definitely a thing. As is the MPF (Coming to an IBCT near you)
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1268750/Starship_Troopers_Extermination/
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  7. I guess Rheinmetall's concept Panther KF51 and more generally its130mm gun project will attract less interest now.
  8. You didn't mention XM8 AGS XM2001 Crusader FCS GCV EEEV RAH-66 Comanche
  9. Hmmm, Whose Dacha did all that money end up going into? It doesn't surprise me though MBT-70 Sgt York Ajax and now T-14 a long line of failed defence projects.
  10. Iยดve just solved my issue by uninstaling the problematic folder(WpSystem).
  11. @JAG-11A @TSe419E @Hedgehog @mpow66m I am sorry but I am not going to host this event this time (at least it is very unlikely) Im having a rough time and this seems just a little bit of additional stress and worry that doesn't feel worth it. ---- For those who are interested to have fun with some friends. Here is previously played version of Cough Surup Delivery Rally. - Feel free to play it, edit it and have fun. Its for giggles, not for serious play. Armored Cough Suryp Delivery Rally 2021 v02.sce
  12. That's not how it's supposed to work. The idea was to allow for collaborative scenario development between multiple scenario developers. You create a "master scenario" that contains the forces for each party. You set the map/location, the time of day, weather, terrain theme, etc. Then you split the scenario, and give each ".splitsce" file to one of the other mission designers. At some point you merge them all back with the master scenario. But it's got to be the same scenario, you can't tack it on to just any other mission.
  13. Thanks for all that. Tweaking orbats, maps and themes to achieve needs and results is sometimes the bane of my existence. As a quick fix, I've been reduced at times to throwing a group of deployable bridges onto the waterline, and hoping no-one asks too many questions. And although this is asking a lot, any chance of throwing the B-11 into your mix of skins at some future point?
  14. Was steel beasts installed to custom paths, maybe into a already existing folder? If so, maybe start over. I can't think of any other reason that folder would be referenced.
  15. Well to me I think itd be a pretty big addition that would cause players to adjust the way they play in certin aspects.I think itd be a plus.But I see what your saying and your see your points.Maybe game changer wasnt the best choice of words,or your overtinking it๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰
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  17. Is anyone using the merge and split scenario functions in the mission editor? im not able to get this to work. i can split scenarios into Red and Blue sides but if i try to merge one of those with another mission it never works. even when using the same maps etc. Dont see anything in the manual or wiki ?
  18. But that hardly is a "game changer" except in the rather meaningless sense that it's a change to the game Steel Beasts; it hardly is the disruptive change that will shift our perception of Steel Beasts which is typically associated with the term "game changer". It's a pretty narrow focus of specific conditions where the ambushers will be successful more often (not that they are without success in such situations already). If the AI works allright, there will be a potential for damages from barrel strike, but it would rarely, if ever, materialize because the AI would prevent them from happening (and they can't happen right now). Even if we would implement a "panic reaction" routine where they rotate the turret in reponse to an ambush and do get a barrel strike as a consequence, the tank would likely be dead from the ambush before you could notice that half a second before it exploded it also had a barrel strike. It's a bit like rearranging the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic.
  19. I don't really understand how an access control list error for a folder that has nothing to do with Steel Beasts would block the execution of Steel Beasts. In short, it may coincide with your first try to launch Steel Beasts, but I think it is just that, mere coincidence. The problem probably lies elsewhere. As far as handling ACL issues is concerned, I can't google better than you can, and my guesses are as good as yours. I don't understand the recommendation at StackOverflow.com but it may be worth a try if you can understand it, it is, after all, programmers talking to each other, and let's assume for a moment that they know what they are doing. Then again... maybe that's overly optimistic. ๐Ÿ˜œ
  20. roger that. One thing that can define how easy it is to get out of the water can be the terrain editor. i have noticed on a map i made recently that the sand mud mix lacked traction and the vehicles could not get out of the water. the terrain files need editing.
  21. Thats why.It would prevent such foolish behavior.
  22. @Ssnake I tried both of your tips and none of them helped + I uninstaled Forza horizan that was stored in that folder.
  23. @Ssnake WpSystem is folder created by Mcrosoft Store. Its purpose is to store games and software from the Microsoft Store
  24. Leopard 2's will stay in service untill enough K2PL's won't be procured, after that, all Leopard 2's will be withdrawn from active service. As for Abrams, currently we lease 28 M1A2SEPv2's from US Army for training purposes, on order are 116 refurbished M1A1SA's and 250 brand new M1A2SEPv3's, in future more might be ordered. M1A1SA's are planned to be upgraded to M1A2SEPv3 standard at some point in future.
  25. Another idea, try to take ownership of the top folder first, then test if you can set permissions on top folder and inherit to all subfolders and files.
  26. Why would this be a game changer? Sure, in forests and narrow alleys the AI would be severely restricted in its response options to flanking ambushes. But that's a rather narrow application spectrum.
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