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  2. Well you popped turrets and worked nicely with the driver and got good score too. That mine detection was life and mission saving last moments call just in time! To think about it. Mines kind of feel novelty in missions. Usually those are less dangerous. in a way that those either don't exist or are more easy to spot. Same with Helos. More than likely future missions will be slightly more easy in these regards.
  3. 21 JAN 2022: Civil War Santa Catalina-4167 SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Draft? Yes. Random CO selection? Yes. Minimum # players: 12 NOTES: Remember to play within the TGIF House Rules and SB.com Community Rules.
  4. Well, that is the first time I've ever been said to have precise gunnery! I am pretty good at spotting the mines, though. Second week in a row where I spotted the mines. That was a fun mission!
  5. Iteration 3 underway. Expect feedback in about 5 hours.
  6. Yes, I did throw it out of balance with all the smart arty quantity, but I fixed that and OPFOR put up a great fight despite that (the convoy BARELY made it, with less than 2 minutes remaining).
  7. Driving in a straight line should always work. The development goal is to make "Shift+Click routes" reliable enbough that this level of fine tuning simply won't be needed in the future. I cannot foresee a deliberate change that would break this recommended workaround. I just want to see such need for micromanagement be made obsolete.
  8. OK I'll work up Ver 3 with this direct (no "stick to road", no pathfinding, no navmesh) option. I'm hoping that "in a few months" when it becomes moot, I don't need to revisit those bridges and put things back again?
  9. When you have a road with this specific bridge, you'll notice how the route jumps to the middle of the four-lane bridge (where no lane is...). I think it's a good idea to place a waypoint just before the bridge, one after, and use neither navmesh nor "stick to road" plotting, but simply connect the waypoints with a straight March route. Maybe it's sufficient to delete those errant vertices in the middle - but whenever you update the route they'll come back and need to be slain again. Of course, these workarounds will become moot in a few months from now, but until then...
  10. Yesterday
  11. Run 2 had some non bridge related issues: Spot 1: Disregard - I left a condition out, there were never going to proceed. Spot 2 (admittedly we are near a bridge - they were heading right to left):
  12. Prior to addressing that, in terms of completeness I've added the longish video that covers points 4 and 5 in the first run. I've also added the AAR for the 2nd run to the respective posts above. Turning now to Bug 9802, what are the implications? a. Wait for Ver 4.xxx which includes the resolution to 9802 before returning to this map/scenario? b. Replace that type of bridge with a different one (if 9802 is specifically related to one type of bridge)? c. Something else? I'll pause until I receive an update / advice.
  13. Made this a while ago. This is "a method." Might help with walking you through the process.
  14. Hmmmm ok ill give it shot after work. Can i still just click and drag some how,lol?
  15. Bug 9802 was just fixed, which covers the problem that waypoints in or in the vicinity of highway bridge #5 can sometimes not be reached by wheeled vehicles. It's a start, I guess.
  16. Ideally, let the map transfer manager handle this (but then you need to download the packages from a map server). If a downloaded map doesn't show up in the Map Selection dialog when clicking on the Map Editor entry in the Main Menu, it's probably in the wrong place. "The right place" can be identified in the Main Menu ... Options ... File Paths
  17. I have no Idea! I though about the same thing with regards to the Panther. @Apocalypse 31 Maybe to play the campaign, or for a change, or for what they can offer later? Besides, people play War Thunder why not play this Instead. We have what we have In tank sims. If there a slight chance of anything getting better, why not take it. Heck there trying to mod M1TP2 so why not give the IW T-72 mod a chance too. Some people still play the moded version of Panzer Elite (I did at a time), there´s people for everything and like I said, we don´t have a ton to choose from either. 😁
  18. I did own a demo of the game back in the day. found it very immitted, The only thing i did like was the way the crews bailed out after the tank brewed up. drop and roll. LoL
  19. Sounds like a lot of work to play a game that was mediocre on release....15 years ago. I'd rather just use the beautifully modelled T-72 that we have in Steel Beasts.
  20. Not to diminish their work or anything, but why add a Panther A to a game which is set during the Yugoslav Wars of the 90s? Just to add something for the T-34-85 to fight?
  21. Another one! Wish: a CH-47 "Supply" variant to provide a Western version of the Mi-8 "Supply." Can function exactly the same as the base model, just with a supply radius.
  22. Well said sir. Most missions i participate in lead to mutual destruction if the opfor has equipment of similar quality.
  23. copy the directories into the appropriates named directories: The contain of Documents in C:\Users\User\Documents the contain of Maps in your maps directory
  24. Hello, today, plenty of gaming streaming platforms exist. The most popular are Youtube(which is not only a streaming platform), Twitch, and Trovo.
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