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  2. Here is another option:- From a waypoint have 2 routes. One is just a short (say 10m route) which ends in a no tactic waypoint. Short route Logic:- 0<= Random Variable New <90 Longer route no logic. From the end of the short route 2 routes:- route 1 logic:- 0<= Random Variable NEW < 50 route 2 No logic.
  3. As Ssnake said, always make no tactics at the waypoint, and one UNconditioned route, then add other random routes. So you can change your loopback rotue into one of the options you want. NEW is a different NEW value in all those 3 cases! So, just use 0 < NEW 45 for both route 1 and route 2. (faster to setup too as you can select both routes and add hte embark if just once) Route 3 can be unconditioned and it will have a 10% chance to be used.
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  5. Version 1.0.0


    Totally revised version of the Artillery Attitude Charts to replace the previous one. This one revises the understanding to demonstrate on a compass what attitude in mils should be set depending on whether the desired artillery zone is wider than long, or vice versa, and how that corresponds with the axis of adjustment. It also includes 2 examples.
  6. as long as the waypoint on which the unit arrives has NO waypoint tactic assigned, the unit will, on arrival, check all routes leading away from this waypoint. It will test all routes with embark conditions first, and if no embark condition is met, take the ("first") unconditioned route. (...and since you have no way of knowing which of the unconditioned routes is the first one, make sure that there's only ONE unconditioned route and you're golden.)
  7. Well, if you can narrow it down to something specific, we'd very much welcome it (you seem to have the best understanding at the moment under which conditions it might happen).
  8. This is not a bug, but I can help explain so that hopefully it makes more sense. So basically, the way it works is - some trees sink and some do not, this is by design. However, they only sink if used as a forest tile (not when placed as individual trees). Then, within that, if the sinking trees occur only on the edge of forests. So, if you have painted a single pixel of forest in this case, then it is treating it as the "edge", and so they sink. If you paint a larger forest, then the sinking would only be on the edge. Now whether they should be sinking in some of thes
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  10. it is single player, and it does look like something you would see with multiplayer lag. however, i suspect the issue is with a particular scenario that i see it happening: the infantry squads are scripted to retreat or surrender after a specified number of casualties + random variable- either that is somehow messing with something or maybe there is some kind of memory issue due to the large number of infantry units in the scenario. i'll test more later.
  11. Thanks guys - changed the stuff now and it works. Not top notch, but enough for "replayability" Basicaly i just added a very short Route 4 with no conditions in a loopback to the waypoint. In case no conditions are met it picks this one and go for a recheck..... "Drivebycoding"
  12. I have seen that happening during online games, never offline, so guess is just lag.That happened during an online mission?
  13. Welcome!, another Dutchman here!
  14. Interesting, haven't seen this myself but will keep an eye out for it. If you have a simple test scenario with directions on how to see it then please post here.
  15. Also, using the "new" variable to pick random routes from a waypoint won't work as you might expect as it rolls a fresh "new" random number each time it checks instead of comparing one roll against each condition until it finds one that matches.
  16. Abraxas is right. The values range from 0.00 to 0.99 It's 100 discrete values so we're not robbing you of a percentage point, we're just start counting from zero. Don't be ashamed; in programming, "off by one" counting is among the top five errors that programmers make.
  17. I must say I am really impressed by K2PL and K2M design. These concepts are simply new, better designed hull and turret for basic K2 Black Panther components. K2PL/K2M do not have weak zones in their front projection + side and rear protection had been improved. Also ergonomics were improved. It is said that K2PL/K2M is being designed with fully isolated turret and hull ammo magazines with blow off panels. IMHO K2PL/K2M offers better protection than Leopard 2A7V and comparable protection as M1A2SEPv3, but at lower weight, which is said by Hyundai Rotem to be calculated at around ~60 metric ton
  18. Hi Mav, As you can see if the logic is: ?<= NEW < 100 that means that the right number will NEVER be reached, e.g. 99.99 ! I only use X1 instead of NEW. And it works.
  19. Got the new license and installed it. Worked great. Newest version works just as smooth as previous versions. And my comp definitely qualifies as "potato". Thanks to Ssnake and Gibson for the help. Much appreciated!! 😄👍
  20. Hi guys Can you explain how a logic ever can be true if the number is 100. I'm working with routes where the tank can choose one of 3 routes. Route 1 logic: 0<= Random Variable NEW < 45 Route 1 logic: 45<= Random Variable NEW < 90 Route 1 logic: 90<= Random Variable NEW < 100 But then at times Random Variable hits 100, and the logic falls apart as it only pics values under 100. There is a missing = or a way to hit a max value. Any good ideas as i have a LOT of routes to alter to fix this
  21. Ahh yes, that was the problem, looking further into larger areas of woods they are not sunk into the ground a few tiles in. Thanks! Now I only need to find a fitting tree that does not become a huge buch that covers any sight into the wooded areas.
  22. When it comes to woods, trees at their edges are scaled down and sunk into ground intentionally, but, guess, this is not quite right for some types of trees and needs some investigation. But at this point, if woodland tile was utilized to replicate group if individual trees, it could be better to replace it with individual trees...
  23. This may be an editor anomaly (for want of a better term). I suggest you try loading the map in the Mission Editor and see if its the same there.
  24. We still have a full PLT of MECHINF, 3 TNKs, a FO .... and a patridge in a pear tree to fill ... And I can and will activate another PLT of TNKs if we get enough OR if someone needs a country specific platoon ... say Spanish for instance ... 😁 So dont hold yourself back
  25. I'm currently updating some old maps I made a long time ago and remaking some old scenarios. A lot of things have happened in the map editor since I last used it. I have found and odd problem that i can't really find a solution to. I searched the forums but have been unable to find any topics covering it. Trees in a woodland tile are sunk into the ground about 2 meters, and the trunk of the trees can not be seen , only the branches are above ground. Single trees placed however are normal. in the attached picture the trees are all of the same type, the one on the right is the sing
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