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  2. I think Volcano's point is the Mission Editor "test mode". Have you noticed the issue when playing in accelerated time (another cause of issues) and playing say an offline session?
  3. Once I removed the suspect and unsupported "d3d9.dll" the SB specific issues stopped (pretty sure I mentioned that). Its now a generic issue (e.g. pretty sure removing SB will impact TS performance, etc.), so that advice doesn't apply here (may well for others reading this at some point in the future).
  4. M113 ATGM, M996, and curiously Inf Missile teams seem to be affected (all types) MG teams on being resupplied are very happy bunnies with a 1250 round "belt" and 0 "stored" ammo.
  5. Unimstall sb and delete all sb/esim folders except your documents folder and map folder Start regedit and delete search and delete all esim/Steelbeasts entries Download the installer and run the installer again and see if that fixed it That has worked for a few people on other patches But there is some risks to it as you mess around with the registry MD
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  7. SBPPE would be usefull to the UA.
  8. So a brief explanation here: A few version back completed breaches are no longer allowed to be curved - they must be straight. If there is say, an obstruction in that lane, like a tree, then this is not a good breaching lane and will cause problems. We could just vacuum up the trees in a plowed lane, but then this would look quite bad with the largest trees. It will however (right now) plow through the small trees, so that is good, but otherwise it will cause trouble with the larger ones. I guess in the mean time, just be sure that when plowing that the line looks good straight ahead. Also, you definitely don't want a 1km long breach route through a forest, like in the example, because that simply just isn't going to work. In the forest situation, its probably best to scope out a straight line, or do manually plowing and manual driving (it's just not the best environment to breach a minefield).
  9. Ah, yes the Mission Editor's "test mode", the right-click resupply has trouble with vehicles that have attached guns, specifically those that can have all sorts of different types of those guns with different types of ammo (ATGM, MG, etc). The ATTV is probably the best example we can use to look further into it, thanks.
  10. This has been fixed now. It might make it into the next patch, we'll see (depending on the timing).
  11. Thanks, yeah it is a known issue at the moment that helicopters will crash into each other, especially in a formation. At the moment they have been made to be immune to such crashes (so they just push each other around). It isn't a great solution, and looks ugly when it happens, but keeps them from dropping like flies. I think in general helicopters are not aware of other "vehicles" for collisions. At some point we will do that, and then (after that works) make them die from such collisions.
  12. There are plenty of threads about windows scaling in here Basically if you lose your mouse pointer and have a big screen set it at 100% or in Sperber's case 125% and it will show up. MD
  13. Device name ALIENWARE AURORA RYZEN EDITION-R10 Processor AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor 3.80 GHz Installed RAM Kingston - FURY Beast RGB 32GB (2PK X 16GB) 3200MHz DDR4 CL16 DIMM Desktop Memory System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Graphics AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT 2TB Storage / 41MB Storage / 256GB SSD
  14. Lenovo Legion LT Processor AMD Ryzen 5 5600H with Radeon Graphics 3.30 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB (31.9 GB usable) System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Everything maxed out w no problems.
  15. Vector ATTV Mission editor bug (Resupply) When in the mission editor and using the Right Click resupply the ATTV ammo is changed to "Unknown 0/0" Tested = all ATGMs and M240
  16. Can you reduce the scenario to just the minefield and the tanks with plows to demonstrate your case? Would you then please send it to me so I can pass it on to the responsible programmer for analysis?
  17. Ah, Windows' GUI scaling options. Good point, didn't think of that.
  18. So did a test 4 Apaches in a Platoon attacks a Company of T-72B3’s. During this ( was pretty cool to watch) the Apaches would start their attack runs and then would start sometimes run colliding into each other and would separate the platoon which required me to reattach it. I had another one get stuck on a Bradley Platoon that was near them when it flew over.
  19. To add to this the Miclic with M113 works and the platoon’s go through the Lane just fine. It’s just when the plow is used
  20. So while playing with a Platoon of Tanks one with a Mineplow. I noticed that the first Tank w/plow would plow through the minefield with no issue but the rest of the Platoon would just turn off and then stop. Then when I tried to reroute them the go stuck together like bumper cars and then when the platoon started to move would not go through the lane until I separated them. I also tried to use a AEV with plow and then proof the lane which seemed to place the mines assuming out of the dirt from the AEV on the side of the lane. The AI would follow then but start swerving to the side and hit the mine on the side of the lane. I also tried testing in the woods but the results were not good as AI Tanks were getting stuck on the trees and going everywhere and hard to maintain.
  21. Hello, if anyone understands German, in my Case I reduced the "Skalierung unter Skalierung und Layout des Bildschirms in den Einstellungen von Win 11" and the Mouse appeared again. Greetings -Sperber-
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