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    Fullscreen Crash

    Thanks Ssnake. Unfortunately I do not get a crashdump file. I also tried the shortcut with debug. Again no crashdump file. Made a shotcut with the --fullscreenwindow command added. That worked but discovered other problems; my mouse is offset with the visible pointer, mainly in the popup menu's in the editor or ingame. When using the topmenu, mouse works fine, but as soon I get a popup menu in my screen I have to click like half a centimeter above. I connected the monitor to my "old" PC with a 1080Ti card and everything works fine. Seems it does not like a RTX 3090 card. At least on
  3. Yesterday
  4. Least I could do after your email the other day. But I did run out of "Events" while writing this.
  5. Ssnake

    Fullscreen Crash

    There should be crashdumps. In the Windows Start Menu | eSim Games | Steel Beasts Pro PE | Troubleshooting you will find a shortcut to the folder where crashdumps would be found (look for SBProPE.... .dmp files). Please zip them send them to me (Ssnake at eSimGames), along with the URL to this thread. If after switching to fullscreen mode Steel Beasts no longer wants to start properly, the Troubleshooting folder (see above) contains a shortcut to start it in "safe mode". Finally, at least as a temporary workaround, there's a command line option to start SB Pro in borderless wi
  6. Hello all, Im trying to get SBProPE fullscreen on a RTX 3090. As soon as I switch from windowed to fullscreen, SBProPE crashes in the display menu with a "not responding" in the taskmanager. I can move the mouse around but cannot switch back to windowed mode. I have to manually log off from computer using taskmanager. SBProPE does not write a crashdump? Or where can I find this? In windowed mode SBProPE works after I dragged the window to max of my monitor. I have reinstalled and downloaded again, twice. Running Windows 10, latest version, all hardware latest drivers. Other
  7. Now updated to version 1.2 Changes: 1. Updated to 4.259. 2. Added: AT-5 Spandrel AT-7 Saxhorn AT-13 Saxhorn-2 AT-14 Spriggan * Note: AT-7 meant adding closer range targets: 3 x BMP-B11 Kurganets-25 (two with AFGANIT and one without). Recommend you look at the map (F5) often when engaging these as you may need to use that to confirm if the target is dead or not.
  8. Maybe Minden, which would be found in the western parts of the Hannover-Weserbergland map.
  9. I'm driving an M-113. Always wanted to do that. And I trapped us in a forest. I'll sit in back next time.
  10. This means, that threat munition was intercepted by active protection system.
  11. I made a scenario last winter in SBPro- a Germany (? Europe at least) that had a huge city and skyscrapers and everything. I can't find it since I upgraded. Anyone know which it is or where I Can get it?
  12. Somehow my files got corrupted, deleted all SB and re-installed SB 4.159 (Excellent)
  13. You need to add all units required (reinforcements) into the scenario / mission using the mission editor. If you need to, you can use the "Spawn if..." command The "Spawn if" condition will only place the unit(s) into the mission once the conditions set by the designer are met. To set a condition use the "Right Click Menu" (A dialog box will appear under the mouse cursor) > "Options" > "Spawn if..." > set a condition (The circles on the left) E.G. "Mission time > 1:00" will result in unit spawning after one minute of mission time has elapsed.
  14. sorry how can i get reinforcement in a scenario example tank or infantry
  15. Please circumscribe your question more. When relying on machine translation, context plays a big role in making the translation result understandable. It seems like you are talking about Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs). Per favore, circoscriva meglio la sua domanda. Quando ci si affida alla traduzione automatica, il contesto gioca un ruolo importante nel rendere comprensibile il risultato della traduzione. Sembra che lei stia parlando di veicoli da combattimento di fanteria (IFV). Also, please TYPE your text in the "submit reply" box of this forum software, or
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