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  2. We have gotten a new PC with Windows 10 for the sim and eSim Games have kindly donated an upgrade to SB Pro PE, so now we are running with version 4.265. We hit a couple of snags on the way, but now we are fully up and running with all 4 screens. I intended to use Windows 8.1 but that is not supported by the new CPU, so I had to upgrade to Windows 10. Bummer! Win 10 is not seeing the grip! It still works in Win 8.1. Hmmm. I contacted AFVSim, that did the USB conversion of the grip about drivers for Win 10. Since the old interface PCB used is not supported by Win 10, AFVSim chose to send a new interface PCB that was swapped with help from one of our EMEC guys. I had some trouble with cloning one of the screens but a swap from VGA to DVI cable solved that. (SB multiple screens tut. in the works) I am working on some guides for our guests, so I wont have to repeat all of the jazz each time. The first Danish one And a WIP UK version It is great to be fully up and running. We have also had our first guests trying it. At first the kids where hesitant and only the dad was itching for a go. In the end both kids and both parents got a ride and they all enjoyed it. I have to give my heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to eSim Games and AFVSim for helping us with giving joy and pleasure to our guests. Happy Simming
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  4. Wish: a time condition associated with the UNDER DIRECT / INDIRECT FIRE / etc Looking for a more effective way to model surrender IF, and would like to model infantry surrendering when they've been under fire for a certain amount of time. @ben
  5. Thats the same as saying: Why should I go to jail for burglery?...they should have secured their house better.
  6. We are still short of a CO, FO, a Recon Guy, 2 Tankers, and a Mech INF MD
  7. Hi all I recently find that the upper hull armor of Leopard2A4 in the sim is pretty vulnerable against T55AMs and early T72Ms. I did some search in the release notes and find nothing special. So I did some tests. During the test,the upper hull of leopard2a4 can be easily penetrated by BM-15(P0 350mm RHA) Shooting BM-12(P0 280mm RHA) at the same range,the upper hull armor together with that small track plate can stop the round sometimes, but it will get penetrated eventually if you keep shooting upper hull in the different places. I have only tested the KE rounds.It seems that the protection level of leo2a4's upper hull armor against KE rounds is around 250~280mm in the sim,much lesser than what SBwiki said(590mm KE) ,but very similar to what in WT(290mm KE IIRC?) I also tried the turret armor of A4 and the upper hull armor of Leopard2A5. They all work fine and give you the protection level close to what SBwiki said(700mm vs KE for most part of A4 turret,and 500+mm vs KE for A5 upper hull armor) Does anyone have any info on this? I will be very appreciated. thanks. Some screenshots:
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  9. If it was so classified to begin with then they should have taken better care of it. Besides, if the video game company has it at this point, then you know Russia and China already have it.
  10. Updating that I won't be there tonight (family trip), but should be there next week.
  11. even if the slope doesn't deflect the round, it will still increase the LOS thickness of the armour. so an armour plate sloped at 60 degrees is effectively ~twice the LOS thickness. sloping ERA and NERA as well drastically increases the performance of these armours, as it allows them to act on the penetrator over a longer distance.
  12. Family is always more important then us gaming so if you have time and feel like it you know we like you to play with us if not then we will cu when you have time and surplus MD
  13. Certainly and welcome Make sure that you download ChrisRebs mappack before as it can take some time depending on where in the world you live and what connection you have (Link in the top post in this thread) and if you know how then put it where its suppose to go that will make it much easier then i only need to teach you how we use TS to simulate radio channels and intercom. So please show up about an hour before game start on our TS3 Make a new bookmark in TS3 and put this in the address field : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 Chris mappack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ps6Ol4Bbjj_H_eyeuOAi1GgxPVh0lTji/view?usp=sharing This is start time https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=KANIUM+Sunday+25th+of+July+-+CG13_Hartfield_Gap_V1+-+Kanium+by+ChrisReb&iso=20210725T18&p1=%3A&ah=3 So 1 hour before that. MD
  14. I've had the first one in the works for a while. I'll try doing it when I'm a bit less mobile in life.
  15. Not to make a discussion of this as this is not the place .... maybe delete it later (this) But yes this could be a Kanium or other group multiplayer thread for beginners and those who never knew or bothered to learn. This is a great sim but where it is at it's best and really meant for is multiplayer. As once a noob (no comment needed to be added here ) multiplayer can be intimidating at the beginning. I didn't know where to post this btw
  16. Good ideas. This may actually be less of a topic for eSim Games specifically - not that I'm looking for an easy cop-out - since 30% of it seem to deal with established customs and practices of the community. Maybe you disagree, but I see our role more in "how-to" and "why" type of videos dealing with the simulation as a tool, less in "what to do with it". I guess, it's my long-winded approach to hint as politely and respectfully at that I wouldn't mind at all if someone would preempt us.
  17. Suggestion for a video Multiplayer setup teamspeak channels and chris's map pack installation
  18. but of course , join up on teamspeak an hour ahead so you can learn how to set up channels . You won't need it but eventually you will. New players are always welcome. Besides , you have to start somewhere check the links for the time the game starts. It will tell you what it is from your time zone edit to add. There is a link to a discord channel , join that and someone (major Duck ) will help you set up and install the map pack and hopefully you have the current version and such.
  19. Yeah, me too. Still a good way ahead, unfortunately.
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