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  2. Good dialogue and good job everyone ! Thanks for this 😁
  3. @D u k e Hello Duke If you can join and feel like it: Would you like to lead the Recon PLT this Sunday ?
  4. Today
  5. You should add all SB team members bets are are null and void. LoL
  6. Dual mount RWS with 40mm AGL + 7.62mm MG or 12.7mm sMG + ATGM etc etc for example like in this video:
  7. You'd get 5 money If I said "Friday 2:1" you'd get 10 money. or "Friday 3:1" then you'd then get 15 money I keep it simple, see? (But then I'd make a crap bookies.)
  8. This week? Next week? What week number is 'the' week?? The third week from now minus 2?
  9. Adrian- thank you for the feedback. 1. LEO 2A4 vs T-55: I can, and should probably re-look this pairing. I was trying to balance this scenario for new players and keep it fairly simple. I took inspiration from a few of Zipuli's missions where he used this pairing and I found it to be enjoyable....yeah, probably a bit overkill for the player. In my testing, I also found that the T-55 could do some damage to your Leo2A4, and it ultimately could prevent you from achieving your objectives. I'll run through it again, and consider either upgrading the T-55 ammunition quality
  10. "I can't connect!" "There's a new update!" "There's a new update?" etc.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Yeah, the "Strength points" section is obtuse, but the "Setting up a score" section explains the concept about as clearly as possible. I'll take a stab at clarifying the relevant text this weekend.
  13. My money would likely be on "90 sec prior to TGIF start time".
  14. Well, what do the bookmakers say? How much would I get for 5 money on, say, friday 1600Z...
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