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  3. Hi Nike I don't belong to the tribe US I only worked there on multiple occasions. MD
  4. Danke sollte behoben sein Den Knopf muss fuer ein paar Sekunden gedrueckt werden.. es scheint aber ein Problem zugeben wenn die Richtanlage nicht schon aktiv ist.. also zzt brav vorher R/A einschalten, dann Stab gedrueckt halten.. Das Bundesheer hat sich die ball. Werte fuer MZ nicht leisten koennen/wollen, und Ueb scheint nah genug dran zu sein - also Feature, nicht Bug Ich schliesse nicht aus dass unsere Dokumentation hier falsch ist, muesste man nachfragen.. Muss noch untersucht werden
  5. Every delta that is not published eats the full amount of storage space (50 GByte or so) if high resolution terrain data are involved (road leveling, flattening under buildings). Only when being published does the data compression kick in. So if you habitually save everything under a new name, make sure to publish the result at the beginning of a new editing session, (and now go and check for every unpublished map on your harddisk and publish them, even if they are work in progress. At some point you will probably want to delete all the published intermediary delta maps, of course.
  6. Understood. I guess a better question I could have asked was whether cata is publishing his deltas or allowing them to accumulate as unpublished deltas.
  7. I'm also very storage limited, specially in my SSD and I think that the delta method is the best in terms of space management. If you are doing many earth works, everytime you save as existing, I think you're only increasing the size of the unpublished map. On the other hand, if after a few modifications or so, you publish the map and creates a new delta, you're effectively compressing the previous data. Idk if the new delta will decompress all the previous work while working on the current delta tho, so I might be wrong. Talking about compression, it's incredible how much a height
  8. I found that sometimes, when it appears to hang, it's still processing and can take time to finish. My suggestion that you try to do as much of the work outside of steel beasts map editor, in a GIS program and then only the essential work is done in-game. If like me, you are a low tier user and can't import the data yourself, it's like map editing blindly PBEM style, but it works if you have someone with the pro version and the patience to keep up with you. Also, having a good initial data is very important because it minimizes the amount of post-import work that you need to do and
  9. At the risk of, as Twain said, opening my mouth and removing all doubt ... Have you tried "save as existing" since freeing up disc space? Maybe I'm not understanding your method exactly, but it sounds like you're creating a new delta with each save? I can understand how that would let you return to a certain earlier "save point" if you're unhappy with a series of changes ... but wouldn't it also create a bunch of very, very large unpublished delta versions on your drive? I've been experimenting with modifying a map (leveling all the roads, changing bridges, flattening
  10. Well almost, problem is it keeps repeating. After adding a few more roads, say four, im faced with the same issue. Yet it's not so clean cut, on the next try it might work and i can save to a Delta map, then after which hight maps cannot be saved again etc. After only a few Ks of road, i cannot imagine what would be required to make a full map. Sometimes while trying to save the program will hang "Saving XNT" and become unresponsive. All said and done i was unable to keep working on this map, perhaps map making is not within range of everyones hardware. It appears to be beyond my scope, whe
  11. Yesterday
  12. To all the mechInf Players!! Check you control setting for the CV9035. Especially when shooting at targets over 1500m away or at small targets (hull down), shoot from a closed bolt. Otherwise you'll likely miss. You need to know how to do this.
  13. Hallo! Ja, ich wollte nur darauf hinweisen, dass man entweder "alles" auf Speicherplatz 3 verschieben muss und dann am Waffenbediengerät "3" voreinstellen sollte, oder aber man ändert einfach die Textur "Nr. Muni. TYPE" und setzt dort MZ auf 2 und ÜB auf 3. So wie es jetzt ist, ist es inkorrekt. Was, wenn man bei manuellem Start als gewissenhafter Kommandant die Voreinstellungen überprüft... Ich wollte nicht, dass ballistische Werte für gar nicht verwendbare Übungsmunition hinterlegt werden!
  14. "4) Rechnerbediengeräte (Kommandant und Richtschütze): Auf Speicherplatz 2 sollten die Werte für Übungsmunition gespeichert sein, auf Speicherplatz 3 hingegen die Werte für MZ. Es sind allerdings auf Platz 2 die Werte für MZ gespeichert und Speicherplatz 3 ist überhaupt leer. Bug 3 und 4 heben sich somit gegenseitig auf." Naja, Üb-Munition ist ja generell nicht in SB Modelliert...es gibt also vermutlich nichtmal eine Schusstafel die Esim dort dahinter hängen könnte. 😉
  15. Hello! I noticed some issues (Version 4.259) regarding the Ulan IFV and would like to post a report. The report is in German, because I know that eSim Games is half a German company and also because I only really know the German terminology; if an English translation is required, then I will translate it. Probleme: 1) Turmkontrolle (vom Richtschützenplatz aus bedient): Das Display ist defekt. Neue Displayinhalte (z.B. beim Drücken von „BIT NEXT“ oder „TURM EIN/AUS“) überlagern die vorhergehenden Inhalte: Hinweis: Das Problem tri
  16. Hey @BoomsBangsandCans You want to lead the charge as PLT LDR ?
  17. Played this for the first time this weekend and was alot of fun. And it´s free...
  18. Ok great news ! that appears to be the problem. i had 15GB free on the HD but apparently that was not enough. having cleaned up to 64GB free it's behaving and saving the hight info on a delta map after closing and reopening SB. problem solved thanks guys.
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