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  2. Yeah, we aren't exactly happy about that bug since we will never know how many scenarios are contaminated with it, and each duplicate ID has the potential to do bad things if undetected. Unfortunately there is no easy way to identify such scenarios - other than loading the scenarios in the Mission Editor, then unloading all infantry from all vehicles, and finally checking for the duplicate IDs in the Mission Debugger.
  3. Yeah, there seems to be something odd about that specific round (it's now bug #10215 ... and was filed as #9809 before, actually). What threw me off was that there were two vehicles with different behavior reported (that they had different ammo wasn't mentioned). Anyway, thanks for bringing this up; I hope to get this fixed with version 4.3.
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  5. Glad im not crazy! I figured since the mdz ammo was added recently maybe a mixup was made.
  6. Yeah, I just checked the BRDM-2 out and something is up with that: The MDZ and MDZ-M ammo has an enormous amount of muzzle blast, roughly on par with the CV90/40 I used for comparison while the default AP ammo didn't kick up any dust.
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    This unofficial CMO scenario remains the gold standard for ground combat: Defensive Operation, 3rd Regimental Combat Team (3CT) in Nayoro It proves you can do it, but you have to do so much custom scripting to fight against the game that the juice doesn't really seem worth the squeeze. At some point they may improve the ground combat modeling but unfortunately it's just not there yet.
  9. Thank you for pinning that topic, and also providing the tool in the editor. I was updating a scenario I made a couple of years ago when I experienced a hard reset while testing. This was after hours of adjustment and restarting during a marathon editing session over the weekend, so I didn't think too much of it, being my first ever crash in SB. It's been rock solid for years. But then it happened again exactly when rockets hit particular infantry. I recalled the post here and the tool so checked and it was a duplicate. I watched and the crash happened again when they took fire. That was the problem, so I fixed it. It didn't end there, however. I experienced 2 more resets in game as well as loss of video. Then it happened out of game 3 times, even after reboots. This was all within an hour of the initial one. Turns out the first or second reset had mangled my GPU drivers so I ran a clean install and everything's fine now. TL;DR: Thanks for keeping relevant info easily accessible. You likely saved me from weeks of confusion had I not realized the source of the initial crash. I learned my lesson regarding IDs and won't ever forget it. EDIT: Not sure if it's relevant info, but after the initial crash and until I fixed my drivers, the password box in the editor wasn't popping up automatically. I'd have to click a coalition to get the prompt. Now they are fixed, it pops up when I open the scenario again. Not sure how that is related but it definitely seems to be. Also, my crashes out of game all occurred within seconds or minutes of opening Chrome. I don't have any error logs, it was just instant reboot.
  10. The map im using is the default map "nam valley" the reduced height version. When the btrs advance together the only one kicking up dust is the one using MDZ ammo, the cloud is huge about 3 times as wide as the vehicle? I managed to get a screenshot but to get the most accurate idea you have to see it from the front. On this test of my mission I was firing from a brdm2 with api from on the same axis of advance as the btr60 carrying mdz and dont recall kicking up enough dust to obscure the gunsight or any dust whereas the btr60 loses los after the first shot.
  11. Haha it just sort of happened, the mission is to locate and destroy for mortar carriers the firing locations are known but not which ones are occupied. You could take a south path that was rough and slow terrain but lightly defended and capture a nato outpost to learn the locations. Come up the middle on the main road which was the fastest but the bridge was defended and there was a well defended american outpost behind it, you could engage it to draw the north defenders away opening up a path for a north t55 to rush in. Or attack from the north, cross a river, and flank with infantry and the 14.5s destroying or distracting the leopard 1a2 and rcl m113 so that the t55 could get closer easier and punch through. Attack the outpost and get the locations from the command vehicle. If I took the long way around it could be over an hour ingame time before you were starting to actually move in to find the arty and when the bulk of your force only takes one law shot to completely destroy that requires a lot of careful balancing and or adding a lot more units so I decided to put that big mission on pause to go back to a smaller version of the same basic idea. .
  12. DCS, eat your heart out! This will cover the whole planet like MSFS does! Meta Immersive Synthetics home site: https://meta.aero/mis/ Hopefully it will be available to consumer audience. Red
  13. Here are some screenshots of my new mission, it involves the Vietnam war turning into a larger conflict between NATO and Communist Asian countries, in the mid 70s China decides to enter the war. What started out as a smaller mission to get to use BTR and BRDM vehicles turned into a massive operation with 3 possible routes that would take hours to complete so I decided to stop on that and focus on a smaller scale version. I may finish the big one someday but I was worried it was getting to the point where it would be hard to make it high quality and playtest well without several weeks of work.
  14. Those are both old videos. The ground combat looks super janky.
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    It doesn't seem you can use cover in buildings, but still nice to see this in CMO...
  16. Interesting. As an HE round, the overpressure from impact shouldn't generate that much dust - more than a pure KE round for sure, but it'd be mostly the spray of fragments, not the barely three grams of RDX that it carries. I can see no inherent reason why it would kick up a lot of dust at the muzzle, except for the type of terrain tile you're on. Which, I suspect, is the real reson here. That twho BTR-60s are baheving differently can only be explained with variations in the terrain. The height of the muzzle above ground plays a role (but is identical), so the question is whetner one is standing on at tile with a high dustiness setting while the other is not. For this you'd have to change the terrain theme of the map you're using, or at least to inspect it. The following video covers mobility parameters, but dust settings are in the same dialog: Now, you can simply replace the theme in your scenario (Map menu), or choose to adjust the existing theme. It seems that if you're so surprised the one vehicle kicks up lots of dust and not the others, that the overall dustiness settings for the different tile types are highly imbalanced - something that I do not recommend. If you're in a dusty region of the world, the dust tends to be everywhere, even if some places are still worse than others. in any given map and scenario, the player should always experience only gradual differences.
  17. Im currently working on a mission that has lots of 14.5 flying around with BRDM2s and BTR60s, ive noticed when firing the API in the BRDM2 and one 60 ammo no dust is kicked up but when firing the MDZ in the other a huge dust cloud is kicked up blocking the sights and when viewing it from outside it is comparable to when a 30mm or bigger cannon opens up. I feel like this isnt intentional? Or is this done to represent some irl quality of the mdz ammo? I find the 14.5 he quite fun to use but with this much dust it makes using it against infantry very difficult. I havent tried this with the brdm2 or other BTRs. Also I noticed the MDZ and MDZM have HEI in the name but the MDZ is just HE in its type but I feel like this is intentional maybe.
  18. I made these a while ago US_equipMOLLE.dds interceptordress.dds
  19. Hi guys, after my first scenario I released I decided to make one thread to keep all the discussion in one place, I have started working on what should become my second released scenario and will be posting some screenshots and info soon about that one. As I release new missions I will update the op and post a quick blurb about them, MISSIONS Roadside Assistance Single player/CO-OP 1-11 players This is my first released mission, it is set during a fictional African conflict in the late 90s. A team of 2 Scimitars and a SF team must rush to secure an enemy command vehicle to gather intel from it and destroy it then escape before OPFOR can secure the area and extract the vehicle. It uses random scripting so the objective can spawn at 4 places, the two main enemy forces have 4 variants each, and there are several random patrols, sentrys, ieds etc. I planned to make an AAR to post here but community member Apocalypse was awesome and made a video of his playthrough of the pre-release test version, the few changes he suggests here have been corrected. The mission is unpassworded if you would like to edit it. More coming soon!
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  21. The issue has been reported to the programmers, thanks for the report.
  22. Loaded with anywhere. As were the ones in the Kanium scenario posted earlier. Same result. 🤷‍♀️
  23. First of all, it is better not to use mission editor for preparation of plans and overlays, since in test mode you have god-like capabilities and is able to move around non-movable objects. Just like in last test scenario Emplacements there are have flag 'Deployable in deployment zone' enabled, and obviously they would not be moved to a new location if overlay file is loaded.
  24. Tried #1 again. It doesn't appear to be tied to roads or buildings. It just... randomly happens I guess.
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