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  2. Time to move the Single Player Scenarios into Legacy. It is oddly, the first thing someone sees in the downloads section.
  3. Nope, you got M60A3(TTS) (which may acts as proxy for M60A3) No BTR-82 either (but BTR-82A, though) Maybe my version does not include those? i'm at 4.259 (not the latest but close)
  4. Quality of simulation is identical. Features are almost identical, except a few key ones. Licensing is radically different.
  5. Yes... the problem with export law as it applies to simulations like Steel Beasts, there is not that sharp dividing line that says, "if this of that feature is in it, it's export controlled". Effectively it's the sum of features that make the difference. Also nobody will give you a clear answer when you ask for advice, including the same authorities that are supposed to control your exports. Instead, it's the vendor's duty to self-assess and act accordingly, and export control authorities (US or Germany, no difference) reserve the right settle in court if your assessment was wrong. And that works like this: Someone decides that you are in violation of the law, then alers the state attorney across the street who then mobilizes the police, they raid your office and seize everything of potential utility value, including all backups that they can find. Then they start a forensic process that can take years, then the court proceedings which will take years, and finally the court might rule that eSim Games was innocent after all, or more likely, that the case is moot because eSim Games filed for bankruptcy right after the raid simply because: With computers and backups gone, you can't continue your business, without business you can't pay programmers and 3D artists, so everybody went for a new job the day after the raid, and their passion of working for future eSim Games has been substituted by passion for the reliable paychecks they get from Ordinary, Inc. This in turn curbs my enthusiasm today to see how far I can go teetering the edge of the grey zone. Sure, if I were a shady arms dealer supplying an army of aggression I would probably deserve to go to jail for it. But the practical reality is that the office raid is the punishment, and the office can't be unraided, the business cannot be restored.
  6. Could it be that a programmable joystick is connected that constantly gives off the command to lower the launcher?
  7. It has different features tailed to the specific customer. But to be short: "no."
  8. Based on this confusing a few new members already within the past month, I recommend changing the name of "Singleplayer Scenarios" under the downloads section to somehow mark them as legacy. "Legacy Singleplayer Scenarios" etc might work. It might also be a good idea to change the order it appears in so that new users are naturally drawn to click on 4.1+ Single Player Scenarios first. IE, put it after Multiplayer Scenarios, etc.
  9. Might also be worth mentioning that all *new* scenarios are posted here: https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/category/140-41-single-player-scenarios/ Sort them by echelon for Platoon, Company, etc. under subcategories for additional options. If you aren't playing some of the amazing scenarios by guys like @ben and @Apocalypse 31 you are seriously missing out.
  10. Think I just figured it out, of course after trying everything, then typing the post, then trying one more thing and of course that worked. I had to open the Mission Editor and instead of clicking Open, I selected "export to map package." From there it was the remaining steps you listed. Thank you!
  11. Hi Ssnake. Thank you for the response. I think I'm missing a step in your instructions. You say that before I open the Mission Editor, I need to extract the .ter, but I don't see how to do that. You mention that it needs to be extracted, then "once you have extracted the TER map", but how do I actually do that extraction? I played around with the map editor but couldn't select the Cav Rescue SCE file. Thanks, Dubs
  12. Yesterday
  13. Checked both of them. They work as intended as far as tow raising and lowering.
  14. Just thinking about it, masking in SB is pretty much the same system than what America's army (the game) used, but with more versitality https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/America's_Army
  15. I tried first bradley tutorial.. Launcher raises and goes down and fires. Didn't look at the second one yet. I wonder.. maybe there is earlier tutorial where launcher is spoken about but that it is disabled at that tutorial? Would be good to know exath name of tutorial to be able to check it out. Also I wonder if there was bright red text on top right saying "Missile launcher" those bright red text on top right indicate damaged modules that may have been set to be "Disabled" by one who made mission so that trainee would not be able to operate some systems.
  16. Well, there will be occasions when you're simply out of luck. If the map isn't there, the only chance is to extract the TER file from the scenario itself. The "Wolf" map still exists (note that the extension ".raw" suggests that it is from Steel Beasts 1 days; with SB Pro PE 2.251 they were renamed .hgt and .ter respectively). You will have to open the scenario in the Mission Editor. This will present you the same error message, but give you additional options, like "replacing the map". But before you do that, you need to try to extract the map data from that scenario. The "Wolf" map exists as an "autocreated base" map package, so the only thing that's needed is the tile map (.ter) that determines the type of terrain and its properties, and that is always embedded in every scenario. So you can definitely salvage the thing. Once that you have extracted the TER map, it's time to open the Map Editor and then to "create map from TER..." where you'd pick the TER file that you extracted from the scenario. It will point out that it needs the Wolf map - and hey, the Wolf map package exists! So you can then save the resulting map as a delta map package of the Wolf base map, and publish it. Then open the scenario again in the Mission Editor, and this time choose to replace the map (and pick the one that you created minutes before). Save the scenario under a new name e.g. "Cav2rescue_4-2", and you're then ready to play it. Easy, right?
  17. ooshmah can apparently operate the Bradley --- just not raise the launcher. So the reason for that must lie in the scenario file, or a bug, or something like it. It's extremely unlikely that a reinstallation of the software itself will accomplish anything but waste ooshmah's time. So, the TOW tutorial of the Bradley, you say? I'll have a look at it.
  18. Hi everyone I am trying to get some downloaded scenarios to work but keep getting the "Could not file the map this (legacy) scenario is based on" error. Take for example that scenario "Cavalry to the rescue", the version updated for Pro PE. I did follow the exact setup sequence described in this thread: Where I installed the Maps Installer 1A-3C then ran the executable, then ran the Legacy Maps installer, then installed the main Pro PE bundle 4.26 installer, than the Map Package Transfer Manager. I've searched all over for the EricCavRescueOriginal.ter and Wolf.raw files but can't find them. I have several other scenarios that I downloaded from here which all give the same error. https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/category/42-easy/ Any ideas appreciated.
  19. That's weird. At that point, maybe do a fresh install?
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