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  2. I think we're seeing the domination of air power at the operational level. It's hard, if not impossible, to generate operational surprise with pervasive and ubiquitous drone surveillance. And then, at the tactical level, the receipes to defeat mechanized assault with prepared defenses and artillery at the ready are well known. Heck, Ukraine demonstrated that in Vuhledar.
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  4. I'm no military tactician, but it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same. If you have good intelligence/recon, artillery becomes the dominating tool. Fix and destroy. And this video shows a sub-lesson we have seen multiple times in this war; bunching up is not a good idea. The best way to disrupt armored warfare is slow them to bunch them up or get them on the way to the front.
  5. I think the video is authentic. But I see no reason to expect that everything will go swimmingly either. The Russians had time to prepare their defenses. It may still be possible to find a crack in them, but part of the task is to find out where the crack is not. And with 24/7 coverage of the whole front with drone surveillance and drone-directed artillery, and mine obstacles preventing the unfolding or armored formations and reliance on fast maneuver to generate shock and surprise --- well, Ukraine managed to defend very well, and it seems that operationally the defense is stronger than ever in this war, for either side.
  6. Its also a pretty suspect video.
  7. It funny,everyone acts like theyre invincible weapons.
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  9. That wont help with network traffic issues, but may help in terms of your PC's limitations (if any).
  10. Today, no visible issues. Debug reports only 2x Error regarding High Ping (3-4s) and 2x Error regarding artillery Smart ammunition (note 1). This error was not previously noted, however it doesn't look as a cause for these issues. If needed, let me know and I will send a link for Debug, AAR and Scenario file. Leo2A5 Same host ca. 110min scenario note1: Error line from Debug: [21:32:15,536] CGame ERROR: A nonimpotent CHEArtySplash was created for ammo: HEAT-EFP-SF 'SMArt DM702'^ note2: Scenario had lower amount of units in comparison with those with networking issue. Tomorrow, I will test the larger scenario in Offline in order to observe any unusually high CPU usage or spikes of it.
  11. Looks Like we have details of the Challenger 1 Fire control system. We can expect a well modeled crewable Challenger 1 any day now .. I will have my CC at the ready.
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  13. The UK may need to cannibalise stored Challenger tanks and AS90 howitzers to source replacement barrels for platforms sent to Ukraine as no manufacturing capability currently exists. https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/uk-no-longer-able-to-manufacture-155mm-artillery-barrels-bae-systems-admits/
  14. This scenario looks good now.
  15. I’ve been having trouble assigning controls on my TMS warthog, could anyone help
  16. Next scenario: RIEPHOLM TkCoy (14 Leo2A5 and supply)! Combat recce and delay Meeting at 8 PM (CEST) If anyone wants to lead, don't hesitate! cu
  17. I can talk you through it on the "night" if you like. Look for "In-progress save ..." (in German I guess), 5th choice in the File option, just below the horizontal line:
  18. Pause the (network) session in Map view (Pause key), then open the File Menu, "Save as..."
  19. "In Progress Save", as a host: how do I do that?
  20. Ssnake


    We changed things a bit with, I think, version 4.1 already that may affect legacy Terrain Themes. To give you more variety of vegetation and rocks rather than the global 128 objects of prior versions, we implemented an object palette for each Terrain Theme so you can throw out the palm trees if you build a tundra Theme, or remove the pines if you go tropical, etc. As a consequence, some Themes may now have a somewhat wacky combination of objects. There's no way around it, you either simply replace the Theme in your scenario, or you edit it if you actually have saved it out as a THM file. Note, in the Documentation folder, the Map Object Catalog with the index number for each tree and stone.
  21. Thanks Mike! I've checked the civilian units and found 3 vehicles with the same ID. This was only in the scenario ROTER-HERBST_PzKp and is now revised! ROTER-HERBST_PzKp.rar
  22. OK. Hopefully you can make it, but if not then see you next time.
  23. OK so does the "winter light snow" theme have different tree types than "regular" trees? The Theme lets you specify what type of tree makes up a forest for example. Change the theme and often the tree type will change automatically.
  24. In building and testing a scenario, the trees will change from regular tree to date/fig trees in the winter light snow setting.
  25. Just a heads up that we're still investigating. "Perhaps it is my subjective bias, but I can't remember these issues prior the "Thermal sights update", which was released a few months back" This is just a simple rendering trick, it may consume a little more GPU/CPU time, but it's a single threaded feature and can't result in all CPU threads being maxed out. I'm sorry, I have yet another request... Please have the host do an 'In Progress Save' when the problem appears, and upload/link it here. I'm hoping it might capture the issue. The most recent ROTER-HERBST sce still has problems on the Zivil side, some units still have invalid Ids. One possible indicator is that the unit icons won't show a name(though I'm not 100% certain).
  26. I have tried using different output devices including a usb headset and still nothing?? I really cant work out what the issue is
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