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  3. Well, you just had to be good friends with S4 section and maintenance plt...that helps a lot in avoiding such situations. But now one should think about getting a TIS, FCS and an LRF strapped to the Cents in game tough...
  4. That's a hilarious metaphor for an FOs existence. In the same vein there's a narrow 'passage' inside the Bradley located behind the driver and between the turret and left side armor called the 'hell hole.' Spent a lot of time when I was younger stuffed into the hell hole as an afterthought.
  5. LoL. I know if you had done that to me i would have made you. A nice refreshing cup of coffee with my secret ingredient in it. LoL
  6. I have sent the question and the content of the confirmation email obtained after purchase to: sales@esimgames.com.Thanks
  7. You could look at the tutorial here. In addition you need to install the VIGEM CORE provider. Here is a install guide that includes a download link: https://github.com/snoothy/ucr/wiki/Core_ViGEm Once installed you should be able to chose your Xbox 360 or DS4 controller as input. I have not tried this as I do not have any of them. I have used UCR to emulate output as a Xbox 360 controller for Witcher III. If you get it to work, then I would very much appreciate if you shared a writeup, that I could include in the tutorial. I hope it helps. Happy Simming
  8. OK,I have deleted all pictures related to license ticket code as required.Next, do I forward the confirmation email after purchase to this address: sales@esimgames.com ?
  9. a. Denmark, what else? b. Heheheheh, that's how we tankers like to torment our guests I once pulled up next to a Marder with a bunch of shivering Grenadiers with blue lips, the Marder's heating is notorious for failure. After the driver stopped the engine I ripped my overall's zipper down to the belly button and yelled to the driver to turn off the heater, "it's too bloody hot up here", then buttoned up and started counting how long it would take the Grenadiers to knock and ask to be let in. 20 seconds.
  10. Not sure where you got it from that the "correct step" is to create a license request file with the CmFAS Assistant. It's a possible workaround if a direct activation isn't possible, but not the recommended method, and in any case you can't activate the same ticket twice. I can't say what happened but whatever may have caused it, I need to know the license ticket code (or your friend's email address), which you shouldn't make public here. Rather, contact me directly, as recommended in the license ticket or the purchase conformation email.
  11. I recommended sb to my friend, so he bought a month's license to try it these days. But now there's a problem with activation. First, after paying for the purchase, esimgames sent him an email. So he activated the license online by clicking on the link in the email: But then he had a problem activating the game with codemeter. According to the correct steps, he should first create a license request file to his hard disk by using cmfas assistant: However, when he uses cmfas assistant to import the file, cmfas assistant prompts an error message: the file does not exist, but the file is clearly on his hard disk: He then repeatedly created the license request file, but when importing, he always gave an error message: the file does not exist. I looked at it for him, but I couldn't find the reason. But I found that his codemeter system icon is gray, but his codemeter is connected, so I really don't know how to solve this problem. I have to come here for help. Thank you.
  12. The EMI-issues on this vehicle must have given the engineers some serious headaches 😮 I'm counting 7(?) antennae on very small space...
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