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  3. First, there is nothing "simple" when it comes to SB4. I have one for the CH Combatstick & Throttle, which you're welcome to try. Its created with Control Manager 4.52. But I don't know if the file will be read properly by a Fighterstick setup, since the Fighterstick has more buttons (a 4-way hat in place of my Button 2). It's below nevertheless. If you can access it in Control Manager, feel free to tailor it to fit your needs. I consider it a 'work in progress' as I occasionally change/add/subtract based on what I'm playing most. As far as "proper" "important" or "recommended" keybindings, that's kind of dependent on which vehicles you focus on, which positions (gunner, TC, infantry) you intend to occupy and how you prefer to play the sim. This is a complicated sim with a lot of vehicles. There are so many keybindings -- many performing different functions in different vehicles -- you really have to pick and choose based on your needs. I, for example, have omitted most AI/comms-type commands from my HOTAS (T for 'found target', I for 'show target', H for 'hold fire', U for mounting/dismounting troops, C for 'resume route', etc etc etc) and instead use a voice-activation app to send those keypresses and anything else I would "tell" a crewmember to do. I have mapped only the actual switchology bindings -- stuff that you actually press/manipulate in the vehicle (Fire, lase, smoke, sight adjustments, TIS, ammo selection etc etc etc) to my stick and throttle. I also have buttons on my throttle (a thumb hat) dedicated to views/positions, a couple of push-to-talk keys, a pause/center for my TrackIR, and one button as a 'shift' so I can effectively double the number of buttons. Even with that, there are a few things I still have to do via the keyboard and/or mouse. All the relevant keybinds are listed in the "Controls" area of the sim. You can export that to text and use it for reference. A less-complete but still useful tool is the PDF keyboard layout which can be found in the sim's docs folder. I hope that helps get you started. Oh, one other thing. SB recognizes only one joystick input, so you have to use the CH Control Manager software to combine your stick and throttle so that they're seen as a single device, which my profile does. SBProPE_CH.7z
  4. Also, it very much depends on which position you're planning to spend most of the time. I'm not a CH stick user so I'm not sure what to recommend. But you can export all hotkeys to a single HTML file as your reference about them. Granted, we use more key bindings than your joystick will have buttons. So I suppose you'd want to apply functions that you use particularly often - change of ammo (or indexing it, or commanding its change if vehicle commander - it's all the same keys), change of the field of view/zoom, possibly the WASDX driving commands, Hold fire/Fire at Will would come to my mind. Also, I found two profiles in our Downloads area, this page, if you scroll close to the bottom. The files are relatively old. They may require modification/updates.
  5. This is a wishlist thread. No need to ridicule each other.
  6. Manning list with the available positions is in the 2nd post of this thread. No point asking for stuff thats not there, There are open slots in the 2 MechInf platoons or the tank platoons.
  7. flying insects and flying birds randomly dispersed about - volume set in the theme editor bird flocks set as units which can be scripted to scatter when disturbed or specified conditions in the mission editor effects of wind and moving vehicles on flora, trees, bushes, grasses swaying aside or flattened
  8. I'll take INF I reckon. Just wanna position in which I can give recon info to XO.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I'm sorry but I can't help as I don't use any CH products (I'm guessing its some sort of HOTAS?) Whilst I don't think posting it here would stop others responding, it might be worthwhile posting something in the "Support" section referring back to this post?
  11. Any help is greatly appreciated as I want to get in this sim but I find it annoying to not know the proper keybinds.
  12. In any case...they made some fun shooting: (Der arme TO, vor die Kamera gezerrt 😛 )
  13. Koen

    We love photos

    Done. Good idea.
  14. Thanks Ssnake for keeping us up-to-date! Thanks also to all beta-testers! This sim rocks - yesterday, today, tomorrow!
  15. Gibsonm

    ANZAC Day

    I think I know what you are trying to say but "happy" isn't really the right term. I suspect Brits don't say "Happy Remembrance Day" on 11 NOV? I spent it with various commitments including catching up with some Legacy beneficiaries that I'm related to. That is, they are NOK of members I served with, and in some cases were under my command on deployments, when they died. Also you are touch late. Your post = 0400 on the 26th here.
  16. I think he wants to be a JTAC in a Mech PL. i.e. Add a FO team to the TO&E.
  17. Looks like Rotar is already doing it so I'll leave it be.
  18. Hedgehog

    ANZAC Day

    Happy ANZAC day!
  19. I'll be honest man, I don't exactly know what you are asking for. Do you want to be in a Mech Infantry Platoon, or do you want to try the FSO position?
  20. Hmm … as always I will try to give people what they want. Not entirely sure how to swing it with this scenario: @Mirzayev and @sjr162 Do you have any input on this?
  21. Can someone please help this gentleman? Thread at SimHQ.
  22. Correct, version 4.0 and 4.1 are still pretty close to each other as far as the render engine are concerned. But even at eSim Games, the days of DirectX 9 are numbered.
  23. I'll take an FSO slot if any additional, attached to Mech Inf. PLT if available. I'd like to do recce and bda with INF for XO/CO. Acronyms.
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