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  2. I wonder if the future will lead to vehicles that have capabilities similar to the tanks from the Hammer's Slammers series?
  3. 27 NOV 2020: Symmetrical Attack 11-SC-4167-FMU SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Draft? Yes. Random CO selection? Yes. Minimum # players: 10 NOTES: Remember to play within the TGIF House Rules ο»Ώand SB.com Community Rules.
  4. How effective will they be in a heavy EW environment?
  5. Anybody Else note the effectiveness and wide spread use of ATGM armed Drones and even suicide drones. Used in the recent Azerbaijan/Armenian conflict. Both sides deployed AAA and Sams but they were able to penetrate. both sides did lose some I can foresee waves of drones attacking armored divisions in mass
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  7. Very..:) https://youtu.be/0esf0HoYguY
  8. I have a number of scenarios just for chilling in. Mainly in some of the vehicles with gorgeous interiors
  9. Velcome Gladiator if you can find a Gunner for this first sneaky sneaky phase for your Leo that would be awesome as you have quite a Job leading this smallest all arms formation. with tanks, scouts , Scout INF, and Mortars in a single PLT If you can find 2 so Duke can also have 1 and then a M113 Scout INF guy then your up and running with a completely german speaking Zug/Plt maybe O. Schmidt can handle the INF MD
  10. Hi Abraxas and velcome Nope its this one m125 MMT vehicle so if you want a recon vehicle ala this It should have been this but they cant carry inf in Sb so we have chosen another Merc that can which have an LMG and can fit 2 dismounts so your scouts can shoot with a LMG and/Or a CG 84mm Then its R14,R42, R44 and if you guys can drum up some more Germans then you could be completely German speaking with me moving 2 pies to one of the english speaking PLTs put i recommend that you guys get 1 to handle the scouts in the m113 and somebody as Gunners for the leos then you are up and running for the recon MD
  11. Time to fess up! How many of you boot up Mission Editor and just take one of the hyperrealistic vehicles on a spin around the gorgeous maps? I never tire of this and particularly love watching the realistic suspension movement over the improved "bumpy" terrain and the clouds of dust vehicles throw up out on the savannah. I love to set up improvised firing ranges watch tanks shoot and the dust they throw up too - a lot of time, energy and love went into making that experience so visually and audibly realistic. I get that "new car feeling" everytime I see the start menu appear on my screen. No other sim or game has ever made me feel this way.
  12. I really enjoy the snarkiness, toxic masculinity and Type A behaviour that prevail here because I don't get them in my highly feminised and PC working environments. I love the humour too PS: If, as I suspect, the Australian taxpayer footed the bill for SMArt to be added to SB, then many thanks to gibsonm and the ADF presence here for the upgrade!
  13. As someone who constantly manages projects....yep. I think the joke was widely missed. Hedgehogs image depicts (as a joke) how most project management planning timelines first appear versus how most projects get completed....for those with no f**king humor around here.
  14. Galileo


    On Dec 3rd there will be a Matrix Games Showcase with some news about Southern Storm development. And no french version for Modern Naval Warfare, that's a great news!
  15. Yes I hope all my friends south of me have a great weekend with loved ones.
  16. Definitely looking forward to the update πŸ˜€ Thx to the team for their efforts 🍻 Cheers !
  17. Thank you,! I've been trying this a lot lately. Very interesting! Do you know of any similar game, board or computer, cold war, that plays on battalion level? This one is so promising. I've been following them on subsim as well. Good times ahead maybe.
  18. Galileo


    Not a Wargames but Modern Naval Warfare will be the successor of Dangerous Waters.
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