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  2. I just got the update to shoot the last takes.
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  4. The MoD spend millions upgrading some of them. So yep your probably right they will scrap them. LoL
  5. It doesn't seem that long ago! I have hung up my tank coveralls. I'm part of 3 (Civ) Div now. Still have a hand inside defence at least.
  6. Getting cold here, more summer videos are welcome
  7. I'll be there to help my cunning plan fall apart at first contact.
  8. What the hell. I have been 0 out of ten so far. LoL My last guess is the German puma IFV (none playable.) And hopefully it will be armed with a ATGM.
  9. Creating roads (major ones at least) without guard rails, light posts, power lines, bill boards, etc... is creatively difficult to abstain from during initial design. Having to remove them because they are difficult to negotiate during run-time (for whatever reason) is the heartbreaking part. But, yeah, I get the “crap” remark. Edit: And more so the “pathing Olympics” remark. 😅 FTW 👍
  10. I am inclined to agree with your explanation. I have to conduct more tests. I suppose a valley or a ravine is the best place to be under current conditions. I do not want to manually order left and right turret, but to pop a tactic, move the arc into a pizza slice, with a clear ball inside, and the gunner will stay on that slice.
  11. Manual scan direction overrides are supposed to be temporary. The gun being high issue is probably because AI tries to take the surrounding terrain elevation into account when scanning. Unfortunately it can get out of hand when there's significant topography near the vehicle, leading to AI gunners leaving their guns at maximum elevation trying to scan mountains, etc.
  12. Interesting! I think I understand what you trying to say. So when driver or mobility is disabled and vehicle cannot turn its hull. Gunner still only scans front of vehicle instead of scanning the area where way-point tactic orientation dot is placed to.
  13. Vehicle crew cannot assume the rolls of casualties, (from what i have seen on the inside of AFV's i don't know how feasible that would be under fire anyway) if you want to rotate the hull the tank need to have at working running gear engine etc. But ideally you have a friend kill what ever is trying to kill you
  14. well I was referring to loss of the DRIVER. so the hull won't move at all. I am a sitting duck. I try all the tactics to point the turret (the engine is running but the driver is dead so hull is dead) in the direction I want and have a clear LOS to two dead kills but gunner did not move the turret. I guess the tactics demand a working hull (aka tracks, driver, wheels, engine, idler, sprocket, coolant) to apply?
  15. Internet guy wantig to be "right" at all cost...think thats his point.
  16. If you have told the AI where to look from the map and made sure they can see where you have told them to (solid dot changes to a circle) the AI will turn the hull to the circle. When on the move the best you can do is use the traverse left/right commands and after about a 30 seconds of scanning in what ever direction the gunner will look to the front again, just have to keep telling them to look where you want to. and In the current version the AI have a tendency to look up.
  17. I am not sure if this is real life and I may get egged here, but I noticed that the gunner will NOT stay under ANY tactic in the assigned pie if the hull is not oriented towards the slice. Is this a normal behaviour? Any workaround? Sometimes, you can't move and you still want to point him somewhere to look. Also, apparently there is a cool down for his scan. Most of the time he will scan a small sector then when I bark to him traverse left, then face turret he will do a full arc sweep then over minutes he will idle the scan to a smaller sector. He will also raise the gun tube so my TIS view will be skewed above ground. I hope I am not reciting previously discovered bugs here.
  18. No that cannot be seriously considered a prototype. It's late 2019 not 2015 anymore. It even has an official designation. It's just finishing up finalized testing of what otherwise may as be representative of a finalized product something ready for larger scale production and army use. Considering that additional 100 t14s are to be produced and first of which are going to be entering army hands by 2020 ( ie within 1 year with) based on motions already put into play, then is not what you can seriously call a prototype. There is fine line between prototype and a final product.
  19. MANNING: TF PEACEMAKER Command H66 (LEOPARD 2A6): H65 (MARDER 1A3): P65 (M113G4-DK FO): A1 (LEOPARD 2A6) A11 A12 A13 A14 A2 (LEOPARD2A6) A21 A22 A23 A24 A3 (LEOPARD 2A6) - (MANNED BY UNITED OPERATIONS) A31 A32 A33 A34 B1 (MARDER 1A3) B11 B12 B13 B14 B2 (MARDER 1A3) B21 B22 B23 B24 A4 and B3 (LEOPARD 2A6 and MARDER 1A3) - Will NOT be manned initially A4 (LEOPARD 2A6) A41 A44 B3 (MARDER 1A3) B31 B34 H1 - CSS: Medic, ARV and SUPPLY x 2 P1 - 1 X 6 X SP MTR with own supply vehicle (P2) OPFOR: Nike-Ajax No more needed Where needed: Cant make it: Kingtiger (Kanium,SE) Hosting: Nike-Ajax (0/1) To reiterate: We ALWAYS have room for new guys, both with the game and with MP, so dont be shy.
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