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  2. Not sure of the effort vs value...ERA, slat armor, and other available/possible armor packages as a part of the options menu for specific vehicles.
  3. I could not reproduce this, do you have a test scenario with it happening? Even at maximum range it takes longer for the BCU to cool the Javelin seeker than the flight time of the missile, and that's with unlimited ammo giving instant reload speed. With the Spike, you can't interrupt the missile in flight, you have to wait for it to hit the target (or manually crash it into the ground early) to return to the CLU view to be able to fire another missile, again even if you have unlimited ammo active for instant reloads.
  4. Don't know if NIKe can update the manning list intime. But just be there, and we'll find a place fo you. So far A22 looks clear...
  5. I just downloaded it and it was pretty slick . only took seconds. Maybe try it again now guys ?
  6. Ya, don't know if it would be a lot of work or not , If not too much work it would be nice to have, mostly upgraded armor. Not sure if the 360 vehicles being ordered now are LAV 6 or upgraded again ?
  7. The NZLAV is a Ok-ish proxy for that one. But true, the real deal would be better
  8. Today
  9. I'll take A22 if it is still available. Thanks.
  10. Be nice to have a Canadian LAV 6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAV_III.
  11. Well, I'll sit quiet and expect nothing...until some btea version get published, or at least there will be some info on what the team looks like and what they intent to publish... So far, I'm not impressed
  12. Gentleman, I am please to announce, that with the kind and professional assistance of sSnake. I received in the past week, my SB Pro 4.1 package. It took five days, from the day I placed the order, to receiving the following in the U.S. Mail. One compact bubble cushioned envelope, containing - 1 ea. thick printed manual, 1 ea. thumb drive, red in color, 1 ea. codemeter, and 1 ea. surprise gift. Needless to say, I am very happy to receive this new version of SB. Following the printed instructions for installation of the Sim. It loaded flawlessly. I will have to do some reading, since the map setup is quite different from the older versions of SB. I have been the proud owner of SB from when the first version shipped, back in 2000. Aside from SB being my most important gaming interest. I have had the pleasure to interact with various members of the SB family. While there are a goodly number of members who have been extremely helpful and kind. I have to say that sSnake and Matsimus have been most helpful and kind over the years. πŸ‘πŸ‘Thank you gentleman.😊 "Scouts out!" "Fight smart... Move fast, and bring artillery!"
  13. Used reshade once, prefer without tbh, looks a bit cartoonish to me, guess you love it or hate it, all things to all people. Personal choice of course. Either way above shots look good... πŸ‘
  14. There is an interview with David Lagettie in the latest issue of PC-Pilot, but sadly it has no real additional info on what this is all about. Jens
  15. Although this is totally eye candy.....Yhea I kinda want this too. I want to see the damage! (Some day, anyway, I still want my Milan launcher for my Marder first)
  16. HAH! Good one! You know for some reason this reminds me of the style of some of the 'rock and roll' soundtracks from "Silent Thunder: A-10 Tank Killer 2" that Sierra released right about 1996. One of the three campaigns in it was it in the 1990's middle east against essentially more capable Iraqis. πŸ‘ 1. Player's tank is the Leopard2A4. 2. The sim is set in November of 1989. Tensions are running high as protestors mass around the Berlin wall. An East German border guard accidentally discharges his weapon into the air. "Contagious fire" grips the other border guards, and in their panic a few short bursts are fired into the crowds on the West Berlin side of the wall. The entire even is televised live. The Cold War turns hot, but this time, it is because West Germany invades the East to put an end to the chaos and restore order and unity. 3. Splash screen music is "Stars of the Night" by Dynatron. And yes I do remember Expansion Packs...But... Following six months after the initial release, a counterpart game is released. It works as it's own 'stand alone' study-sim, but it also enables head-to-head network play against owners of the first, similar to Spectrum Holobyte's Falcon 3.0 vs. MiG-29, where either could be installed and played as individual games or expansion packs and enabled co-op and adversarial play. 1. The player's tank is the T-72B with Kontakt 1 ERA. East Germany doesn't have any, but the developers want to make a more interesting fight. 2. The primary campaign is identical to the one above, but the intro given to the player is written so as to blame the incident on the west. 3. This 'stand-alone expansion pack' has it's music done by Patenbrigade: Wolff.
  17. Nike is at work and cant get on SB and he wanted me to answer so unless Assasin wants it your it Grenny and the plan and stuff is fine 😎 MD
  18. Excellent thanks
  19. I think one of those is documented here: And the other, here:
  20. Two other quick points on possible bugs; BMD emplacement does not render in mission test. On a separate note if i jump into the drivers seat of the HEMT it enters a hard left turn and i have no control.
  21. I confess iv pretty much given up on the raise road feature. Not been able to get it to work. Would love to hear from anyone who has? At best im left with a bulge where a raised road meets a ramp, see image. At worst i am experiencing a lot of CTD when trying to use these editing features. Also, and i may well be wrong on this one, did i hear someone talk about being able to create over passes above roads? Iv not being able to bridge two raised roads, if i'm wrong on this ok, if not could someone point me in the right direction, thanks.
  22. The year is 1996. The game is "Bradley Commander." 1. M3A2 Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (more missiles = more fun ) 2. Operation Desert Storm, only with significantly more capable and less surrender-prone Iraqis. 3. The entire soundtrack would be an instrumental version of Nudeswirl's self-titled album. The opening track would be Gordon's Corner. The year is 1997. Due to the massive success of "Bradley Commander," the developers release an expansion pack (remember those?) called "Bradley Commander: Balkan Fire." 1. M3A2 ODS, with the added option to use this Bradley variant in the original campaign for an a-historic experience. 2. The new campaign would be set in an "alternate reality" where the US intervenes in the Yugoslav Wars in Croatia and Bosnia. (Remember, it is 1997.) 3. To fit the darker nature of the campaign, the soundtrack would consist of instrumental industrial metal to give it a "grittier" feel. The opening track would be an instrumental of Replica by Fear Factory.
  23. Requesting essential Central Asian road traffic update, animated donkey not required but quadruped suspension a must.
  24. This was both the Javelin and Spike.
  25. Interesting to note how the APS in a complex battle space quickly becomes a double edged sword intercepting a large number of the units own missiles that pass to close to near by vehicles. Have to keep that spacing or lose a lot of rounds.
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