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  2. Pretty sure Ssnake has said "No" repeatedly on that.
  3. With all this talk about graphics and monitors, wondering if SB Pro PE is talking about going VR.
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  5. ashdivay

    We love photos

    Indian WhAP8x8 Various prototypes New turret With BMP2 Turret
  6. Thank you very much sir!😁
  7. @T-72 This was included as part of the support thread posted by @Gibsonm, but is a fairly quick walk-through for converting older scenarios to work. Newer scenarios (basically after the first few patches once the game was at 4.1) will usually offer the opportunity to download the map package from a server repository, if one was uploaded.
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  9. Ok, got it, thank you for your reply.
  10. Ok, got it, thank you for your reply.
  11. Ok i try it, thanks for reply.
  12. Red2112

    Tactical FPS

    It would do for me. I still think the map is ugly as fk!
  13. Lots of potential, but falls short.
  14. You can open these scenarios in the Mission Editor. There you get prompted to replace the map, and then you can pick a map package that covers the same region. There's no guarantee of course that the map package will be 100% identical with the terrain data that the original scenarion contained. The only way to check that is to open the scenario in version 4.0 or older and then to compare if the new map package is altered in a significant way. But usually the map replacement is an expedient solution that yields adequate results. The option of last resport is to extract the map data from the legacy scenario and to make a one-off conversion into a map package. For that you may need to install the Legacy Maps.
  15. The Danish Army has begun training on their new Leopard 2 A7 Great video and great sound.
  16. Did you install the legacy map pack? If not, check esimgames downloads page and look for legacy maps installer: https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 Although looking at the pictures you posted, they're all in raw format, which was the very legacy maps format back a very long time ago. It was then upgraded to .hgt and then again with the current 4.1 map engine. The problem with those that you're looking for is that they are generally low res. It started with 8 bits (0-255) which gave about 100m in elevation range, then to 16bits. What I'm trying to say is that these maps were probably, or better, definitely, upgraded or simply redone with the more recent formats, so perhaps the scenarios that you downloaded are pretty outdated as well. I'd recommend that you look for newer scenarios since some of the classics were already updated to the new map engine by their original authors.
  17. These are likely all pre 4.1x scenarios, where you could embed a piece of the necessary map. There is a thread in a support area about how to update them for use in 4.1: In order to update / convert the maps you'll likely need to contact the scenario creator (if they are still around) or open the scenario is say 4.023 and convert the map yourself.
  18. Hi all In recent days, I downloaded some scenarios in the Forum Download area, but found that most of them can't play. It indicates that some map files are missing: As shown in the figures above, where can the missing map files be downloaded?: FT DRUM NY 50km 1A-1.ter、FT DRUM NY 50km 1A.raw Fulda Gap_ alt 1a2 mod.ter 、Fulda Gap.raw Suweon- Osan.ter 、Suweon- Osan.raw Hameln_ Springer_ Bmder.ter 、Hannover_ Germany.raw satunfront.ter 、Nam2.raw I didn't find the relevant map files in the download area, and I have installed a lot of maps before. Who can help me and tell me where to download these map files? Thank you very much.
  19. I did this a few years ago for my own use, tweaking the green on the UK skin and doing some cut-and-paste work to make a matching skin for the noncrewable Centurion model. Plus adding some decals. I'm sure DK-DDAM could fashion a better, proper Danish scheme. Hopefully he has access to the Sho't Kal template; the only one I have is Dejawolf's template for the original Centurion ("shot").
  20. The British camouflage for Sho’t Kal, of black and green bands, may make a usable proxy for Danish camouflage until something more accurate is available.
  21. i've brought it onto a few other interior models more recently, namely the DF30/90 interiors.
  22. i figured out the workaround- duplicate spawned units in the same location- for example., primary unit has 80 percent chance of spawn with active protection equipped, secondary unit has 20 percent chance of active protection removed. not too bad.
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  24. "In principle" yes, but we still need a suitable opportunity.
  25. Yeah, you can do that with the classroom version. For SB Pro PE you're stuck with our best guess.
  26. Thank you, it works fine, I was looking from the infantry side From the vehicle option menu => Load troops. Here are the happy folks
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