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Casual multicrew with Saber #12


Hi there!

Interested of some Casual easy going Steelbeast?

Small and short missions, and perhaps a single role? Then this is for you! 


We're going to play heavily updated classic mission from @Zipuli known as Platoon in attack (Winter)  

We have 4x Leopard 2A4s, and possibly some BMP-2s. 

Were first going to man the Leopards to have Commander's / Gunner's,  (Driver pos is optional) 


Intend is to pair guys together so that they get most enjoyable experience. 

New comers are welcomed to be gunners, we usually have a plenty of experienced commanders to give you a good time.

For best experience it is highly recommended to have completed Leopard 2, Tutorials, or to have learned to operate the system on basic level, both in normal and emergency modes.  


Per usual we will use Kanium Teamspeak for communications Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077    If youre new to Kanium TS, please be there 30 minutes early.  


Also please check out this topic for more info about Casual multicrew with Saber. 

Usually last post in the topic is about most recent scenario. There is also link on first post of the topic.  :)  



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