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Casual Multicrew - Sat 27th of Aug. - Re try on B16 River Crossing Defence scenario from Ben.


Event details


Casual Multicrew Go time as were back in business! and will continue so every other week. 

NOTE our intention is to pair same guys together as often as possible. So please let me know with whom you want to crew with. Even better, try to persuade your favorite crew to come with you! 




Time link:  https://www.timeanddate.com - Time converter that shows when mission starts for you.


Where -> Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 


We will play B16 River Crossing Defence scenario from @ben 








Date: 1978/12/7 ________________

River Crossing Defense v2.0.0

Author: ben



a) Enemy:

- A T72B company has been detected vicinity of Phase Line Eagle.

- Intelligence suggests the enemy company is preparing to execute a hasty attack to secure the river crossings at Objective Stream.

- Enemy light reconnaissance units are estimated to be reaching Objective Stream now.


b) Own:

You are in command of 1st Platoon of A company mech infantry Pizarros.

Attached units are:

- 1 section of 1/D Leopardo 2E tanks. - 1 section of Centauro B1 tank destroyers. - 1 section of scouts with VAMTACs. - A limited support platoon, ammo and medic.



1) Prevent enemy Tanks establishing in Objective Stream, in order to deny the River crossing to the Enemy.

2) Establish your tanks into Objective Field, in order to overwatch follow on forces.



Phase 1: - Defend Objective Stream until H+30' - Deploy troops in vicinity of OBJ Stream. - Deploy tanks to cover EA Smash.

Phase 2: - Cross Phase Line Falcon. - Deploy 2 Tanks in Objective Field.


- Organic 80mm mortar platoon firing HE and Smoke.

- Limited off map 6 gun 155mm battery with HE, ICM, Smoke.

- 1 CAS Aircraft on station; 4 airstrikes of 2x500lb JDAM.


Time frame:


- Approx 60 minutes. No limit.

- Start time 08:00 Local.


Mission will end automatically if:

- You get 2 Tanks established in Objective Field after H+30'.


- Enemy establishes in OBJ Stream in Platoon strength or more.


- You have fewer than 2 Tanks remaining.



- 40 Points for defending OBJ Stream.

- 40 Points for 2 Tanks in OBJ Field after H+30'.

- 10 points for NOT using Reserve Tank section.

- 10 points for survival of your forces.

- Victory = 65 points.

- Major Victory = 95 points.



- Leopardos or Centauros can be used to secure OBJ Field.

- Scout teams and 1/A Platoon Leader are equipped with JIM-LR.

- Weather is overcast with visibility 3KM and 14 kt winds.

- Enemy routes and locations are randomized for replayability.


Español Ammo:


48% CL3143 APFSDS-T (1995), KE

8% DM63 APFSDS-T (2000), KE

19% Slsgr 95 HE-T (), HEAT

8% DM12 HEAT-T (1981), HEAT

8% L-35 HESH-T (2000), Spec. A

8% OE 105 F1 HE (1996), Spec. B


Enemy Ammo:


45% BM-32 APFSDS-T (1985), KE

55% OF-26 HEF-T (1962), Spec. A


100% AT-14 Spriggan/Kornet* (1998)



  • Sign up if you are intending to come. Or hit (maybe if you are interested)  
  • Be there before go time. I will start mission exatly at the go time.  Join in progress is possible every 20 minutes of game time.
  • If possible, let me know what role you would prefer, or I will assign you one.  Also if possible, let me know with whom youd like to crew up so that we get same people to same tank more often.  



More information about Team Saber and Casual multicrew from this topic.


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