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Midweek Madness Head 2 Head 21/09/16


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Halfway to the weekend? It's time for...Midweek Madness.

Open to all. Friendly Head 2 Head
D.O.W. Vu  & Red Alert Vu

Wednesday Mission 21/09/16 @ GMT17:00

Farm Frenzy V2 By Red Alert VU


This scenario is a simulation and does not have any political message.



Take and hold the farm at all costs!





Key (disregard key on above image)
1. Objective
2. Red
3. Blue




Mission Summary:
We must take the farm and hold it at all costs. The farm is of strategic importance.


Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for...
    a) Red Forces:
                                10 T62-m (1972)
                                4 BTR-60PB
                                3 M1064A3
                                2 2.7t Truck 4x4-F OHWS M240 x1 (each carrying inf squad)
inf 2x M72A1 LAW (RPG)
210 x 7.6mm (MG)
5x M381 HE

    b) Blue Forces:
                                8 Sho't Kal
                                4 M113A1
                                3 M1064A3
                                2 2.7t Truck 4x4-F OHWS M240 x1 (each carrying inf squad)
inf 2x M72A1 LAW (RPG)
210 x 7.6mm (MG)
5x M381 HE


    c) Attachments and detachments: No artillery






1. Destroy 8 of 10 enemy AFV's.
2. Take and hold "Farm" red region by 2 AFV and 4 infantry men for 15 min.Amount of our forces in that region(red circle) must be bigger then enemy forces in that region.


1.Lose 7 of 9 our AFV's
2.Enemy capture the "Farm" region.

Overhead view? Yes

Relief map? Yes

Modifications from previous version

•   Player sides have been switched
•   Number tanks increased both sides
•   3 M1064A3 added both sides

There is also a remote possibility that the  Sho't Kal tanks could be changed to M60A1. There is no M60A1 in SB at present so ammo, laser range finder etc would have to be modified/deactivated.

**                      Notes                       **

SB Version: v4.004
Session Name: Farm Frenzy V2
Created by: Red Alert
Multi-Crew: Yes
Single Crew: Yes
Mission Duration: 90 mins
Head 2 Head / CO-OP: H2H
Date: Thursday 21-09-16
Time: 17:00 GMT
Location: DOW TeamSpeak
Time (local): Click here

TeamSpeak  IP: dow.ts.nfoservers.com
Room: Dogs of War


Minimum Skill level: Beginner
Who can play?: Open to all


Vehicles in mission : (in mission)

2.7t Truck 4x4-F OHWS M240 (inc inf sqd)
Sho't Kal



You can just listen if you wish by using Teamspeak. You do NOT need Steel Beasts.

Teamspeak Download (windows): [/b] Click here
Teamspeak  IP: dow.ts.nfoservers.com wait in lobby for access to other areas.


All Welcome


Manning list:


Red (Red alert VU) requests accepted

66/A T-62m 1972

1/A T-62m 1972 x 3
2/A T-62m 1972 x 3
3/A M1064A3 x 3
4/A BTR-60PB x4
5/A 2.7t Truck 4x4-F OHWS M240 (inc inf sqd) x1*
8/A 2.7t Truck 4x4-F OHWS M240 (inc inf sqd) x1*

9/A T-62m 1972 x 3


66/A Sho't Kal
1/A Sho't Kal x4
2/A M113A1 x4
3/A 2.7t Truck 4x4-F OHWS M240 (inc inf sqd) x1*
4/A 2.7t Truck 4x4-F OHWS M240 (inc inf sqd) x1*
7/A M1064A3 x 3

8/A Sho't Kal x 3



*inf 2x M72A1 LAW (RPG)
210 x 7.6mm (MG)
5x M381 HE




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