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Skins for the BTR80.

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  1. Russian BTR-80 v1.2 (2.654)

    The one and only, Russian 3-colour camo BTR-80 from CZ, created in 2006! Now in DDS -format. Since then this one has become playable and all! Original description went: A hi-res Russian BTR-80 in yellow-green-black camo (similar to the stock T-80U). Detail, such as tools and towing cables, and weathering added. The pack includes 2 versions of the skin: one with russian markings (numbers and turret art) and one without. v1.1 updated vision blocks, markings and shadowing


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  2. Finnish BTR-80 (2.640)

    Finnish summer and winter camo with markings for the BTR-80.

    During the late 1980s and early 1990s the Finnish Defence Forces were testing APCs to equip more Jaeger units with. The BTR-80 too was tested, though the more expensive Finnish XA-180 won the contest, probably because Soviet Union went under... This skin is based on one of the test vehicles.

    But the Finns did use another BTR variant, the BTR-60PB from 1970s onwards all the way to 2007. This skin is good for that use too, as the differences in BTRs 60PB and 80 are not that big, especially in terms of SB (same armament etc.). The BTR-60 was first used by the jaeger battalion(s) that would work with the T-54/55 tanks, and later when the tracked IFVs took over, they were handed to light infantry units, like the XA-180 Pasi.


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  3. BTR 80 Detailed v1.0

    BTR 80 Detailed v1.0 by dpabrams


    The BTR 80 texture has been expanded to 1024x 1024, sharpened and numerous details added to include, vision block glass, new wheels, hatches and decals.


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  4. CZ Studios BTR-80 Pack

    CZ Studios' BTR-80 (Ps690-1) in Finnish camo. The vehicle is not in use in Finnish Army, but in early 1990's few examples were bought to field tests. Comes in 3 versions: -Fin, with rondels, reg numbers and Uncle Scrooge-markings -OpFor, with yellow plates and no Uncle -No Markings without any Finnish national markings, just the camo V.1.1 added vision blocks and updated shadowing and some minor tweaks


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