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Map theme files.

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  1. Pixel and high saturated colour skins SB Legacy

    Ahem. At easy soldier. As you were. This theme is for Steelbeast Legacy. SteelBeasts Pro PE gamers can hit the back Button now.
    You still here, Smitty? Okay. If you play SteelBeasts Legacy on VirtualBox, then you are a odd gamer. Probably only 0.01% of all Steelbeasts current gamers would play SteelBeasts Legacy in 2017. This mod of mine is about Minecraft meets Steelbeasts. It's about Retro. It's about Blocky pixellated skins. It's about art. LOL.
    My theme is called the Pixel High Saturation theme. Warning! Rather than going for high-res detailed and realistic color-scheme skins, I have gone for a Minecrafty models look, with a high dosage sprinkling of high saturated fat, ... erm... I mean, colors. The colors of the vehicle models are bighter and bolder than the stock models of Steelbeasts Legacy. If you're looking for a realistic set of skins with drab olive and all that, you will be disappointed. If you like fun brighter colours, then maybe this skin is for you.
    All vehicle skins are pixellated instead of being highly detailed. Colors of vehicle models are also set to maximum saturation (bright and bold hues). The M1 and Leo interiors are in slightly higher saturated colours than the stock interiors. The only kind of SteelBeast beast that I think will ever enjoy my skins is the type of gamer who:
    (1) likes retro graphics
    (2) plays Minecraft
    (3) likes the hues and bright colours of the original M1A1 Tank Platoon by Microprose (1989). Remember that one?
    For the rest of you, my skins and BMP files will be luck to last more than 2 minutes on your harddisk. 
    I've made changes to mrTree1.bmp, mrTree2.bmp and mrTree3.bmp. If you hate the look, just dump them. Make sure you do a backup of your original images. I want to make a bold statement with my theme. This is a theme that only a mother could love. In my case, the mother is the developer of this theme - me. The fact that I can enjoy a 2001 eSimgames game in lower resolution skins than the stock, proves once and for all that the gameplay of SteelBeasts legacy is outstanding. It is able to last throughout the ages.
    This is version 1.0 of my pixelated skins and high saturated colours skin theme. Go easy on the comments. This is my first mod. I am looking forward to version 2.0 later. My high dream and greatest achievement would be to figure out a way to make a Minecraft theme for SteelBeasts Pro PE 4.01. Imagine if you will. High fidelity tank simulator of 2017 in blocky graphics. That will be a sight to behold. And that will be the day. So go easy on a mod newbie like me. 
    Frankie "TornadoMan" Kam


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  2. VM's realism themes (bumpiness compatible)

    Originally I created themes entitled "realism" for my own scenarios because I felt that the themes that the community uses (and the default themes) allow for far too much mobility and cross country speed. These themes are compatible with the bumpiness feature. (updated)


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  3. New default themes w/ bumpiness fix

    These are mostly for your reference and also to fix scenarios that do not require a special theme file. Irrespective of this, other theme files need to get fixed as well (and all the scenarios using them) or else the next release will bring a bit of a shaky experience.


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  4. Themes

    Here is a whole bunch of themes. Some are the originals but a lot are fixed and others are new. If you are worried just don't replace any files which it asks to over-write. This also includes fixed versions of the themes which came with SB they have the word "fixed" in the name.


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  5. TopKicks_Themes.zip

    User friendly map themes by TopKick.


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