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Steel Beasts logic (Conditions, Events, embark if ...) have several conditions available to them.
If you look at the screenshot below there are blue circles around the word "Forces". This can be cycled around "Forces", "Truck", "Helo", "PC", "AFV" and "Tank".
So for example you can create an event, "If friendly tanks are greater than 6" generate message "We Won!" and apply this to a region on the map called "Objective".
The problem is there was no public list to tell me what Steel Beasts considered to be what.
So from my professional judgement to achieve the above I would have assumed the need to put "Tanks" (M1, T-72, Leo, Challenger ...) on the objective.
Now I know that Steel Beasts considers:
2S1 Biber Centauro M88 MT-55 M-109 Wiesel Wisent, and ZSU 23/4 (but not the 2S6 Tunguska :))
As "tanks" for these conditions / events, etc.
To use the table, look down to find the unit you want to check on, then look across and if a box says "Yes" then that is the condition it will satisfy.
So a Jaguar will satisfy the "Forces", "AFV" and "PC" conditions but not "Truck", "Helo" or "Tank".
An Ambulance (any type) wont satisfy any of the conditions.
A motorcycle wont trigger anything either but if the guy gets off the back that will satisfy "Forces".

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