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Combat Team Flank Attack at Hamelin 1990 v1.5 (4.162) 1.5

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You command Combat Team D of The Grenadier Guards Battle Group (Gren Gds BG), comprised D Squadron 17th/21st Lancers, with a cross-attached armoured infantry platoon from 1st Battalion, The Grenadier Guards.  You have three troops of Challenger 1, two Challenger 1 of squadron headquarters and one platoon of Warrior at your disposal.  Two patrols of Scimitar from Gren Gds BG recce troop are attached.  Two batteries of M109A2 with ICM, HE and SMOKE from 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery are available for indirect fire support.


Commander 4th Armoured Brigade’s intent is to resume the advance toward HAMELIN as soon as possible in order to secure its critical road and rail infrastructure and isolate the spearhead of 20th Guards Combined-Arms Army to the west.  Commanding Officer Gren Gds BG has made your tank-heavy Combat Team D the lead formation of the battle group and you have been ordered to advance north-east from AERZEN to secure EDINGTON in troop (platoon) strength or greater.  You are to secure EDINGTON no later than H+90.  Your combat team is not to advance beyond limit of exploitation (LOE) ALFRED.  Once CT D has secured EDINGTON the remainder of the Gren Gds BG will conduct a passage of lines through LOE ALFRED and secure the remainder of HAMELIN.


Major, the plan to complete the mission is up to you.


Panzer_Leader, March 2014


If you have the steel beasts map tools installed, you will be presented with a option to download the necessary map packages for this scenario.

What's New in Version 1.5   See changelog


- The ACRV/MT-LBU replaces the MT-LB/FO (except in T-12 anti-tank gun batteries).
- Scenario start time changed to 0545 to account for time and lighting system adjustments with 4.1x.

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I'm not sure why the map being downloaded is a full map, and not a delta, given this is a popular location?

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Just some feedback:


1. There seems to be a few units that fell off the bridge crossing near HAMELIN:




2. Any chance we can give the player the option to enable / disable the relief map shading?

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I am also running into a problem where every bridge (so far) wants to crush under the weight of a Challenger. Is this intended or possibly unintended due to an older scenario being played in 4.167? Refreshing the map in Map Editor did not help.

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