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Rovajarvi, Finland 1.0

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Welcome to Rovajarvi training area, Finland. It's one of the biggest training grounds in Europe, located in the northern third of Finland between towns of Rovaniemi and Kemijarvi. Here the Finnish Defence Forces train especially in the use of artillery and anti-tank weapon systems, but from time to time the Army uses the area for large scale maneuvers, like the "Trombi" ("Tornado") exercise in 2013 between two battalion battlegroups along with all the supporting arms. The terrain is just as difficult as the climate: During mid summer the sun does not go down at all and during the heart of winter the soldiers cope with endless darkness, frost and deep snow. Whatever the time of year, the flocks of reindeer get in your way and these animals are stubborn enough to stop an advancing mechanized battalion on their tracks, not giving way, and sometimes running straight into artillery splash zone when the grenades are already in the air... Reindeer meat anyone? Truly a place to take the military equipment to their limits:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvmBuk39e9k&list=UUM8qGnJrcCGQXCZuGenvrOQ (mechanized units in action during "Trombi 2013")

It's recommended to use the Suomussalmi -map themes, that come with the installer, with this one.

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