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* I fixed a few bugs with HAMMER gunship strike. * Updated the comms script a little. * Added some random play from the enemy. * Gave you better time to set up for the defense of capitol city. * And a few other improvements :) * I am still refining it but, its getting better and better. * I tested this scenario by test-playing it. This is a fairly complex scenario (any more complex and should just write a .dll on c++ for it). * First up, I want to give TACBAT a heart-felt thanks for designing the height map for 'Angel's Bluff. His excellent work has enhanced this scenario greatly and he deserves full credit and appreciation for his kind work. Thank you, TACBAT. I also want to thank Nils (Aka. SSNAKE) and the E-SIM Games staff for their great attitudes and this excellent program we so enjoy. And finally, I want to thank COBRA at steelbeastscavelry for his suggestion that got me to go beyond version 1 and I haven't forgotten. Thanks, everyone!

* This is the Full-Pack download with the entire mission from tank startup to taking down the insurgent H.Q. There's a lot to do here. I will have a 'OBJ-1 and 2 only' scenario on this website so you can skip going through the roll out and the move through the town of Aladari and start at the two main objectives. In this download, you can start at the motor pool or at roll out in the staging area.

The insurgent army has made a first-strike surprise attack to take the capitol. As we speak, the National Army is holding the line but, their defenses of the capital are about to collapse. Our base must quickly mobilize and stop it. But, first, we must go through the town next door and deploy a bridge to head north. This town will involve urban warfare where sending your tanks just rolling in will prove a tragic mistake. You will need to use your troops along with armor to conduct a street-by-street sweep towards the north of town and cross over before the armored wave arrives to the capitol.

The National Army has reinforcements rolling south to your area. You must hold the line until then and then assault Objective two afterwards.

They always said that our army base was not strategically suited for the northern province and we relied on the National Army to secure it. However,under the circumstances, today, we are the last line of defense for the capitol and must repel the sudden wave while we prepare for a join-operation in OBJ 2. The insurgents picked up on our preparation and decided to hit us fast.

Objective 2, is a brute-force assault to destroy and seize the insurgent H.Q. and decimate his stronghold.

* Be careful in this scenario to not get caught in a 'fools rush in' tactic. Be careful on your advances and leapfrog your platoons to allow reloads. And if necessary fall back when necessary. Some backup is inbound, lets stay in shape for the big assault!

a_'The Bull In The China Shop' - Move through Aladari
* Clear the town next to our base to head north.
* Bring in Bridge/Maintenance support into rally point ROMEO in Aladari's south (Trigger 2).
* Deploy and cross bridge and set up position at the planned battle positions.
* You may have to deploy the bridge while under fire depending on how soon the town can be cleared before the invading army arrives.

b_'Taking Angel's Bluff' - Objective 1
* Engage the enemy first wave strike on the capitol. Defend north and eastern fronts from possible advances.
* ALPHA TEAM is in rout to join the fight from the northern province. Hold the line until they arrive.
* Get your tailgate supply LOGPAC (Trigger 3) to rally point sierra while providing protection to begin prep of a joint-operation in scenario OBJ 2.
* Once Objective 1 is secured, secure area and move into a pre-strike position at Angel's pass at the bridge.
* Rotate platoons to the LOGPAC location at SIERRA and resupply your units.
* Take final positions for the assault on Objective 2.

c_'The Takedown' - Assault and destruction of insurgent stronghold/H.Q. - Objective 2
* Advance BRAVO TEAM forces east. ALPHA and HAMMER will join in as you move eastward.
* Engage OPFOR as you advance. Engage at will.
* Priority target: Take out any AA systems you identify.
* Once BRAVO is approaching Tanzani; The National Air Force will bomb the town after a U.S. SL-TLAM Tomahawk cruise missile strike.
* Once airstike is finished, assault Tanzani and destroy/capture insurgent H.Q.
* Call in U.N. forces (Trigger 12) to secure national border and set up U.N. buffer zone with neighboring army.

*** Reminder: If you are using the modified 2D driver view from this scenario, there is an updated one here with the center periscope now a rectangle, instead of having those slanted sides.

I hope you enjoy!

Marino (1-DRAGON)

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