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Battle of Donesk 1.0

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Russia has elected a radical new populist leader, whose first major order of business was to end an internationally unpopular war. Not everyone is happy...

A small Ukrainian worker town has been taken over by rogue Russian troops and Ukrainian separatist guerrillas. Hostages have been taken, and the clock is ticking.

Liberate the town of Donesk.

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Hi @George Savov -- as a side note, we should have a tutorial (maybe more than one) on this topic in a few weeks. 

The short version of the below is that while you will easily be able to bring the mission into Steel Beasts,  it requires a legacy map, and this makes it more complicated (and is why we will be doing a video on this topic shortly).  Presumably the author of the file can point you to the legacy map, at which point, I would recommend this thread:


For right now, to get the mission in place before you do the maps steps -- go to this folder in Windows:



Extract the file to downloads, and if it makes it easier to find, possibly a new folder inside that one if you are doing a lot of other downloading for Steel Beasts or playing multiplayer games, because that folder is used for multiplayer downloaded missions as well.


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58 minutes ago, George Savov said:

Thank you for the explanation ! 👍

My pleasure.  I'm still trying to find out what map this goes with.  I'm hoping @SippyCup can address this, as I'm not sure how anyone else can play this without knowing that.

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On 8/30/2021 at 12:21 PM, Valleyboy said:

@SippyCup Thanks for making this.  Can you point to which legacy map this mission uses?

Oh sorry, I'm not very active here. I'll go check, I haven't even converted it myself because I forgot virtually everything I learned with the editor.

Will report back. I'm curious as to how it will play now, since there were a couple of triggers (such as the Blackhawk "landing" on the roof of the building) that were very hack-ish and will probably be broken now.




Map is Hannover-Weserbergland

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OK, this is starting to come back to me a bit but I have forgotten most of the terminology and workings of the map packages. I had made my own .ter based on Hannover-Weserbergland height map but only have an old draft saved with about half of the elements missing. In other words, I have to make this scenario again as far as I know, which I am currently doing.


So there will be a SB3 and SB4 version of this map which differ slightly in layout but operate the same manner. I've played through it 3 times and everything is working, just polishing it up now.


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