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Operation Henchman

Supports up to 18 players in COOP (1/vehicle)


Task Organization

D6 (CO, M1A2)

D5 (XO, M1A2)

D7 (M113 Ambulance)

1/D (M1A2)

2/D (M1A2)

3/D (M1A2)

4/A (M2A2)

1/E (M113, ENG)

2/E (Bridge TM)

2x Supply Trucks


Direct Support

4x M1064A3 120mm



The 111th Brigade Tactical Group is defending in sector, with one enemy battalion (1/111th) established in a stronghold defense within the city of Al Shakir and another battalion (2/111) established in a defense in depth to the east of the city. The 111th BTG are equipped with T-90S tanks and BMP-2 IFVs as well as dismounted infantry with AT-3 ATGM and RPG-27s. The 111th has no ability to conduct any air sorties, but still maintains a 6-gun battery of 152mm artillery (offscreen). Additionally, the 111th has one Battalion (3/111) in reserve and may employ a counter attack force at any time - our S2 estimates that they will most likely employ a counter attack if Al Shakir is isolated. Additionally, there is an insurgent force controlling a canal crossing to the east of Al Shakir. Our S2 assesses their force to be composed of several rifle squads with AK47s and RPG-7s.



Your Company Team (D CO) must conduct a flank attack to isolate Al Shakir, to allow friendly forces to conduct a clearance of Al Shakir. 



1. Conduct an aggressive flank attack on Al Shakir to isolate the city and prevent further reinforcement and logistical support to the 1/111th.

2. Be prepared to conduct a breach of an obstacle belt, vicinity 11 Northing (engineers attached) and a canal crossing to avoid an insurgent stronghold (bridge team attached).

3. Be prepared to conduct a defense against enemy counter attacks once you have established a blocking position to the south of Al Shakir

4. Once you have established a blocking position, friendly forces will begin their assault on Al Shakir. 



Battalion has allocated 4x 120mm mortars (offscreen) in support of this operation. Smoke and HE are available. 


Game Rules

1. Please stay within the boundaries - there are no real enemy forces in Al Shakir (for performance purposes) and you will get nothing out of the scenario if you cheat

2. The blocking position will be 'set' one minute after friendly forces occupy the area around the bridge.

3. You will be notified when you win, and the game will end shortly after.

4. Have fun, report any issues on the forums. 





Image Credit: Revell model

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


Added a Danish version 

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