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Counter Stroke at Hunfeld 1.0.4

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About This File

Summer, 1987


Soviet forces have made an attack across the inner-German border, only to be halted within a day by fierce resistance from German units fighting for their own territory, rapidly scatterable mines, and a superior NATO air force.


NATO forces will now attempt to breach their own minefields and strike against the Warsaw Pact forces before they can regroup.



Playable vehicles for Blue include:

Marder 1A3

Leopard 2A4

Numerous supporting assets, including FIST-V (AI will not call for fire on it's own)


Blue forces are responsible for conducting their own recon, planning and executing a breach, and capturing two objectives in a limited amount of time.

It is possible for a single player to complete this mission, with the help of some scripting in the planning stage.


This the first scenario I've uploaded, so comments and feedback are welcome.

What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


This official Version 1.4 update is brought to you by Gibsonm.


As he pointed out, Blue has plenty of assets for breaching, potentially up to as many as 4 properly cleared lanes.  Furthermore, the limitations of the current ProPE AI limit the player's options in where he can place breaches.


To counter this and to allow players to better follow standard doctrine when breaching the mines, he has provided an increased number of minefields to allow the player more flexibility in executing the mission.


Furthermore, this scenario originally had some rather out-of-place M60A3's serving as XO and CO vehicles.  These have been replaced with more Abrams tanks to better keep up with the M1's already in the scenario.


Counter Stroke at Hunfeld v1_4.sce


User Feedback

Recommended Comments

I haven't played it yet but an observation / suggestion from my map reconnaissance for version 1.3.


Blue has 2 friendly minefields to breach but has at least 8 breaching assets (I didn't check individual Platoons to see if there were tanks with plough in the Platoons too).


The 8 assets suggests 4 possible lanes (Breach + Prove = 2 assets per lane [MICLIC + plough or 2 x plough, etc.])


However the AI can't really breach more than one lane per minefield. What tends to happen is that one lane is made and the other is a "mess" (technical term).


Suggestion: Replace the current 2 large minefields with perhaps 4 (or 6, or even 8) covering the same gap.


Blue will still have the same task, the minefields will have the same "Block" effect, however the AI will more readily execute the player's plan if the player wants perhaps 2 lanes near to each other (or at least in the area occupied by one of the current larger minefields). For example after this change Blue can more feasibly create lanes on the two roads that cross the current single minefield near the river.


Luckily the fact the the minefields are on Blue's map means that the player will be able to determine the boundaries of these smaller minefields. In other missions I've had to "cheat" by laying single strand wire down the boundary. ;)


For your consideration.


Edited by Gibsonm
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