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Delaying action east of Hunfeld 1.0.2

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About This File

In this scenario you command a detachment from a Panzergrenadier division.  Your mission is to set up a defense in depth and hold back a Soviet attack coming north through part of the Haune Valley.


Playable vehicles include:
Leopard 1A5

Marder 1A3 - (Dismounts equipped with MILAN ATGMs)

Luchs 2A2

M113A3 - (These are American Mechanized Infantry attached to your command, and have the Dragon ATGM system)

Unimog+MG3 / Troops (German troops equipped with lots of MILAN and some TOW ATGMs)

What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


1. Replaced the ineffective M47 Dragon launchers carried by the US troops with TOW-2 ATGM launchers.  Now they can do more than just get run over by the Red T-72s.


2. Added a pair of Jaguar-2 ATGM vehicles to Blue's initial allotment of forces.  If Blue can find a good palce for these, he can do some serious damage to Red.


3. Changed the PW's for this scenario to "A" for all sides.  This has been out there long enough that the novelty has worn off, and I now invite you to have a good look at my super crappy scenario design and modify it to your heart's content.


User Feedback

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A quick comment to answer some of the questions asked in the reviews:



Historically, would the infantry have Milan-2 ATGM and not Dragon ?  Milan might be a force equaliser.

In the case of the M113A3's, those are American mechanized infantry attached to your command, and not German troops.
Because the M47 Dragon proved to be essentially useless against the T-72s in this scenario, in a later update these have been replaced with TOW launchers.


I considered Milan launchers, and the German infantry carry them, however since they sit so low in the grass I've often found them to be simply frustrating to use.



Possible to release the password to this scenario, so people can try different vehicles for this mission?

This was done in the last update, read the change log and you'll find it in there.

When this scenario was released, I wanted to sort of keep the surprise of the unknown, and I always feel like my ability to code or plan for the Red team is limited and lacking, so I prefer to keep it hidden for a while.



Thanks to all who reviewed and gave feedback, hope you've been enjoying this one!

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