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Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform (4.004) 1.0.0

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Recently adopted by the Australian Defense Forces, the Australian Multicam Camouflage Uniform (AMCU) replaces the Disruptive Pattern Camoflage Uniform.


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I'm guessing there is no simple way to have this and the DPCU mod co-exist?


I suspect given that the file names are identical that you need to replace one set of files with another depending on whether you want to use DPCU or AMCU?


That is, rename the common "US_molle.dds" to "AU_AMCU.dds" and "AU_DPCU.dds" and then in the scenario editor select the one you want?

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Correct, under SB's structure, they cannot co-exist. (Maybe eSim will someday give us a separate "au 2015" folder.)
But do not rename the files; the sim will be looking for "us-molle".  

What I do is add two folders within my "au" folder: "DPCU" and "AMCU". Into each folder I put its respective skin files (us_molle and us_equipmolle). These then are basically backups that you will copy out into the au folder when you want to use them.

When I want Auscam, I copy the files from DPCU into the base au folder. When I want AMCU, I copy the AMCU files, replacing the former.
I have a similar arrangement in the desert folder, except I have a third subfolder there called "DPDU". 

Seems a little clunky, but it actually works pretty well.  

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Thanks for getting back to me.


Yes, I came to a similar conclusion.


I have both sets in the folder but rename the ones I'm not using.


e.g. Say I want to go from using DPCU to AMCU:


I rename "us_molle" to "DPCU us_molle"


I then rename "AMCU us_molle" to just "us_molle"


Then if I want the DPCU back later I just reverse the process.


Merry Christmas!


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