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Operation Scorpion Part 2 - Contact with advance guard 1.0.4

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Hanover Germany near Langenhagen.
Day 3 of the War.

U.S. forces have shifted north after the diversion attack at Fulda.  The true axis of the Soviet armored attack is heading for the German industrial heartland.    If the Soviet armored onslaught cannot be stopped here only the nuclear option remains.   

The advanced guard for the 2nd echelon 7th Soviet Guards Division is roughly 20 minutes away from contact with our forward scouts.  Position your forces now. 

OH-58D Kiowa Warrior support on loan from 10th Mountain Division-  Set the scout route but no further east than defense-line BUZZER or you risk being spotted. 



"Condor" - Company commander - (voiced by Cobra)

"Hammer" - 1st platoon leader  1st Lt. Daniels - (voiced byTim Sielbeck)

"Torch" - 2nd tank platoon leader Sgt. Wilkinson (voiced by Alex Hahn)

"Recoil" - 3rd platoon bradley leader 1st Lt Dearborn (voiced by FalconKPD)

"Colt" - 4th platoon bradley leader Master Sergeant Hawkins (voiced by Krause)

"Fox" - Forward observer group (voiced by Alex Hahn)

"Spur"- Ranger Recon (voiced by Dunadan)

"Ramrod" - M109A3 Battery commander (voiced by Cobra)

"Soda Straw" - 10th Mtn Division OH-58D Kiowa Warrior (voiced by Cobra)

"Six" - Colonel Chaffee at the TOC (voiced by Cobra)

Extra notes:

All sound files must be dropped in your esim folder under "media" for all the custom soundwork to work properly.  

This scenario was put together with the help of the voices above and with the best intelligence available regarding forces in the AO of the era.  While normally the BOAR would be handling the area to the northwest of Hanover, in this scenario a feint to the south has drawn British forces away due to soon forseen issues of war leaving US armor forces rushing to meet the enemy.

After consulting SSnake, the following airport, Langtenhagen, is NOT municipal in real life nor is it to the north-east of Hanover (it is to the north-west).  Thank you Nils.


Also, UAV visuals were used seeing how the best I can do in terms of using the mast-mounted systems of the OH-58D at tree-top level.  This is due to current limitations in SB Pro.


Ammunition in both tanks and in the hands of infantry is as accurate as possible to this era.  

The challenge of this mission is to defend a wide area.  The advancing forces are the advance guard of a Soviet tank regiment.  The main body of this regiment will be seen in missions 3 and 4 in this series.  


Helicopter support through OH-58D is available along with M109 support to the north.   


Should you have issues or spot bugs please contact Cobrabase so that I can remedy the issue and build a more realistic experience. No doubt some issue will arise. 

What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.


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Diggus Dickus

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I'm loving this. Voice overs are great, especially the little beeps the radios give when they skip/encrypt. Keep up the good work and can't wait for the next instalment. 

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just completed the two missions, and as i thought the missions and voice overs ROCK. two thumbs way, way high Cobra!


This should be a MUST DOWNLOAD scenario for anyone seriously wanting to look at steelbeasts mission design and what it can do.

Only regret is that i cant leave 6 stars!

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great work!just need a mission over message

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Great missions, with fantastic Cold War mood.


Voiceovers top work (many thanks to fantastic actors ;)).


Waiting for more!

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Nerve wracking.

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"Brilliant Realistic and Immersive Missions"


It's not often you find a scenario that has the level of effort and dedication as one such as this does. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this scenario to the point where I am so excited to continue the mission I want to book a bloody day off work (shiftwork!) to get ready to play the Mission 3 of this scenario! :-D


Lets start with the atmosphere of the mission/s. The first mission helps set the scene which for me was great. Allows you to enjoy some cool roleplay/cinematics that bring you into the era of the conflict at hand. I honestly felt like I had a very challenging mission ahead of me and to be fair....nerve wracking to say the least. The icing on the cake was the voiceovers. I have to say all those who did said voice overs did a outstanding job and really created a sense of immersion which once again, can sometimes be lost in SB pro as your screaming at the computer screen, "JUST F**KING HURRY UP AND LOAD THAT SABOT!!"

It creates a great sense of purpose in the mission as you are given such a important task and having real time voices expressing the importance of such tasks really makes you want to aim to succeed! 


Secondly, tactics and accuracy.Mission 2 well..... My god, I was amazed at how much attention to detail has been put into trying to create a time specific conflict with accurate enemy recon advances. My FO team were smoked by a very cheeky BMP! (Bast**d!) and had me on my toes from there on. I honestly kept expecting a hoard of tanks to come piling down on me and I was only dealing with the bloody recon elements!! :-O


Safe to say this style of recon and the build of from the briefing and voices and such had me cautious with my units.


The terrain was great and enough areas to test your tactical judgement. I am a defensive player so I was kind of in my comfort zone with this kind of play. But even then, I was not in it for long when I realized the size of the area I am trying to observe/secure/hold.


The mission 2 was a little slow to get into, BUT I did not think about the reason behind this at the time of playing. In retrospect I see now why it was like this! Its a smart move if you think about it.... o.O


One word, indecision.


This mission plays with your head a little lol! It makes you wonder if you have placed your units correctly, set correct arcs, covering the right area, too wide spread, too compact, is my CSS close enough and so and so forth. The downfall of any plan is not sticking to it and this waiting time for the enemy to advance is very good for helping you to have some confidence in  your plan (or not). That being said, there is a lot of ground to cover and a lot of vehicles to tinker with so MAKE THE MOST OF THE TIME! It is no rush. 


The units in your command are great to work with and I would say adequate for the task at hand. You can see a lot of time went into making sure the units met the same style of ORBAT units in how the real time world would have been. Again, adding to the immersion and realism of this scenario which is great. Because for me anyway, that is why I play this game. The flight line was nice to have but I was lucky enough to not need them to call in as my QRF. But a very handy asset to have and something that would have helped me if the "Sh*t hit the fan" so to speak.


The ONLY thing I could say would need to be addressed for the mission is the end game parameters. I was a little worried at the end if I had taken out the units needed to end the mission. But as we all know this sim has its blonde moments (sorry blondies :P) and I think this isn't a design problem, but more just a trigger glitch of some sort. I was so hooked into the mission that I was ready for 7 more waves of recon to come....but they never came and once my tank blood slowed down...I realized the mission is over. But again, it gave me time to assess the situation and a nice little after action report.


OVERALL- This mission shows passion in the sim from the creator wholeheartedly. Brilliant Realistic and Immersive Missions. The mission creates a fantastic immersive and realistic approach to what would otherwise be one of the most terrifying real time missions/scenarios to be a part of. I felt like the mission provided me with some personal command challenges also, such as:


1. Maintaining a plan (Sticking to your guns)

2.Using my CSS and RESUPPLY!! (I am so bad for this....)

3.Do NOT underestimate your opponent

4.Press F2 for optics on the UAV ;-) haha!


A fun, daunting at first, immersive and interesting mission set. Will recommend completely. So much so I chose to voice in mission 3 haha! WELL DONE TO COBRABASE! Bloody spiffing job old boy! Hats off to you from British Army of the Rhine ;-) or maybe Fallingbostel 7th Armd Brig ;-)


Great work and look forward to mission 3....if I can get some bloody free time haha!


Kind regards





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· Edited by kraze

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Good defense mission, great voice overs add to the atmosphere.


However it lacks a clear and meaningful briefing and looks like the mission does not end - I went as far as scratching the right side of the map with tanks trying to find enemies that I've missed and all I've found was a pair of BTRs, probably marked as non-enemy for some reason.

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Great scenario, many thanks cobrabase! Of course, thank you speakers,
your recorded voices add a lot to the atmosphere of the scenario.
The ability (assume it's new in 4.x) to play wav files adds another piece
to the jigsaw named "The simmers eternal quest for immersion".


Kind regards

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