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JERXHEIM hasty defense reinforced platoon M1-M2 4.160

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About This File

Difficult mission! You have only one platoon M1 and two M2. Hold an object against an attacking reinforced tank-btn (T-80/BMP-3)! Duration: ca. 60 minutes

A German version with MBT Leopard2A5 and AIFV Marder1A3 is also available. If you are interested in it, please contact me.





What's New in Version 4.160   See changelog


Updated version: new buildings, high-voltage-lines and some new locations!

August 2018: Revised version and map!

September 2019: Version 4.1 and map!

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Took this out for a spin this morning with 5 other people - one person per vehicle.


End state:


Red: Stopped and pretty much destroyed.


Blue: Bridge secured

1 x M1 K Killed

2 x M1s with 0 ammunition

1 x M1 with 1 x APFSDS, 3 x HEAT.

2 x Bradleys with 0 TOW

2 x Javelin teams able to reload from Bradleys - eventually it would be good to be able to limit the number of "trips to the well" for reloads (but that is not the Scenario's fault).


Addition of Power lines helped with Range Card / Engagement Area management.


Can confirm that still remains a good one, but perhaps to be played sparingly (let the stress dissipate before having another go).


Happy to provide an AAR if anyone wants to see what they are in for.


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Sounds great! Thanks for your feedback. So it works! An AAR or even a video of your fight would be great.

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I'm afraid I tend not to do videos:


a. Can't record my voice (so a bit pointless me recording a video with me not saying anything :) )


b. Don't have the requisite skills / software.


c. Don't really want to tax the system with me already hosting and playing as well.


Anyway here is the AAR (file name a little different as we did a save due to networking issues): https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZcX017Z14NpH6w8g4LUhDovfPn2wRaYyCky


You'll note one vehicle starts forward of the others. This is the reason for the save and re-start. I had driven some distance when others started asking "When are we going to start?". :)


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