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On the Road to Oberaula 1.0.0

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Soviet units are pushing into West Germany and the battle for the Fulda gap is underway.  Penetrations have been made into the hard pressed NATO defenses and Soviet units are exploiting and probing west to encircle the remaining defenders.  Your task is to utilize a platoon of Marder equipped Infantry and a platoon of Leopards to ambush a Soviet column moving toward Oberaula to buy time for the defense of Germany.



This is my first scenario submission to Steel Beasts and any comments would be appreciated.



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Apocalypse 31

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Overall, great first mission. Can't wait to see where you go next - maybe something for Sunday Kanium sessions. 



-A reasonable number of units for small cooperative or single play

-Great location for a defense mission - terrain favored the defenders greatly, and there are no shortage of ambush positions.

-Mechanized Infantry - Marders are fun, and those Milan teams saved my butt - Panzerfaust teams not so much, they froze-up the second they saw tanks. 



-Default callsigns; default callsigns are hard to understand (they're backwards for US players)

-Victory conditions; I had to go hunting to win the scenario, and I didn't achieve victory until I hunted and destroyed 2x BMPs that were towards the rear of the map (region south). Maybe set the victory conditions so that all AFV's destroyed within the blue area = win?



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Excellent design. One platoon of tanks and a Marder platoon was easily managed by one person. One has to place his units in the most advantageous spots which in my case turned out to not work out so well. First tank had main gun damage and was out. Another was taken out by long range fire. Then the rest died. I had three user kills and the AI in tanks killed three more. Infantry accounted for two. But the enemy rolled right on through. Balance was good. With better unit placement, the results could have easily been different. I like single-player scenarios with not a lot of units. Good scenario!


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Bottom line up front: this is an excellent scenario!


The AO consist of a valley with three towns, producing a natural canalization effect on the enemy's movement. Combined with the outstanding observation and fields of fire afforded to friendly forces, the terrain in this scenario provides plenty of options on where to kill the enemy. On a non-tactical note, the views are quite scenic, and the chosen area of this map has a good level of detail, which certainly helps with a bit of immersion. The mission's briefing is quick and to the point. In a single rapid reading, I was able to understand what I needed to accomplish, and the forces I 


The balance of forces is well executed: BLUEFOR has enough combat power to win IF you are smart about unit placement and take the time to plan your engagement area. You will not be facing a Soviet horde, but you will be facing a force that definitely has the capability to crush you if you don't take them seriously. The player is expected to manage approximately two Platoons of combat power; certainly doable in the context of this scenario. The Mechanized Infantry Platoon starts off split down to the individual unit level, with troops already dismounted. This was greatly appreciated for the initial setup!


The execution of this scenario, at least in my playthough, was a dynamic experience, encompassing some reconnaissance by my infantry observation posts early on (one of which was unfortunately compromised, suffering one KIA), followed by a full-scale ambush at Gersdorf with the Leopard 1A5s and Milan ATGMs. The battle then entered a long range attack by fire between my Leopard 1A5s and the enemy's T-64s. After defeating the enemy's advance, I took a quick tactical pause to reload my vehicles, and consolidating the hopelessly damaged ones before conducting a counter-attack with my tank Platoon. The mission ended with all enemy vehicles dead (one dismounted ATGM team survived,) at the cost of 1x infantryman KIA, and 1x tank destroyed. 


Honestly, there were not any glaring flaws during my playthough. You could potentially add in a variant with indirect fire, or have the mission end with the enemy being attritted to a set percentage of combat power (a defeat versus destroy variant), but honestly this scenario is great in its current form! In conclusion, this is a must download! 


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· Edited by Gibsonm


I'd like to give it 4.5 (nothing is perfect) and 0.5 provides an incentive, but I can only give whole numbers.


In its original form (as posted here) its a very challenging and interesting scenario.


I'm unsure why the CO's vehicle is so far forward initially - perhaps caught out doing a personal reconnaissance (?) but the early warning ideally should be someone else.


I know the mission has been "adjusted" (broken) by some who have changed the Milans to Javelin and other customisations.


Unfortunately this is the best argument I know for password protecting people's work as 3rd parties break unprotected scenarios and the author gets the flak for it being "unrealistic", etc.


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great mission Thanks

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