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Operation Titan 1.0.2

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Excerpts for the Orders of the NATO commander “ZERO,Alpha”.....




Russian forces are holding a large town “Frohnsdorf”, they have mechanised infantry all around the area, accompanied with a large amount of Tanks.


10 Minutes ago, five key players in NATO assembled for an attack, they are: UK (Royal Wessex Yeomanry), US (8th ACR with USMC teams), Germany (1st Airborne reg), Canada (Princes Patricia’s Royal Regiment) and Denmark (2nd Armoured Infantry Battalion Jydske Dragon)


We are going to conduct an attack on particular points to Destroy a hostile force, this includes each individual country taking a specific OBJ.


Enemy forces are high in numbers, they also have an arty battery in the AO, so that will need to be destroyed at some point.






The US forces consist of 3 companies…


A Coy, This is the 8th ACR combat arms team, they have M1A2 Sep’s, alongside M2A2’s.


B Coy, The logistics element, all of these forces are combat support.


C Coy, The USMC element, M1A1(Ha)’s, M1126’s and HMMWV.




These units are all part of Alpha company, The Royal Wessex Yeomanry are a reserve regiment consisting of A,B and D squadrons, they also have some warriors from the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment attached to the battlegroup. The Royal Logistics corps are also providing combat support for the operation.




The German forces are the airborne element of the assault, they have CH-47 Chinooks, CH-146 Griffons, MRH-90’s and Tiger ARH’s. They have individual infantry teams for specific roles.

They have no ground assets.




The Canadian teams are made up of the Princess Patricia’s Royal Regiment, they are a light armoured infantry brigade with attached Leopard 1A5’s and 2A5’s for CO and XO.

They are equipped more as an infantry force as opposed to a heavy armoured force.




These are a reinforcement team, they will mainly be helping the Germans and the British most probably, as they have no set task as to what to capture.


However they have a mixed mechanised and armoured force, with Leopard 2A5s and CV90s.

There are other assets but mostly their kit taken from the Americans and Germans.




US: Assault and destroy any units in your designated objectives and then move and attack Frohnsdorf alongside the British.


UK: Move South and then East, so that the minefields are avoided. This will mean going into heavy contact with t-90s, so be prepared, but hey, Challenger 2’s have the best armour in the world. Then attack Frohnsdorf.


German: Send some of the forces to the specified german AO and attack the enemy, this means that when the UK and the US forces, come through the area should be clear. Otherwise provide fire support where necessary for other friendly forces, and maybe send some infantry their way. Remember you can get men to specific places quickly, so have some helos as a QRF.


Canada: Move south and eliminate the enemy CSS point, then turn and assist the enemy at Frohnsdorf. Your forces will come into contact, so it may be worth calling in support from the Danish forces.


Denmark: Assist the friendly forces wherever possible, but in the meantime, move South avoiding the minefield, and heading toward Fohnsdorf, but be prepared to help any of the other NATO forces.




ZERO Alpha is the NATO commander.


Activate the relevant triggers when objectives have been completed.

If all AFV forces become lower than 15% then the mission will end.


Some vehicles will have different mounted infantry, eg a platoon of 4 CH-146 Griffons have mortar teams in for fire support. Some other vehicles may have missile teams in, it depends.


The USMC M1126 Strykers are represented by AMV XA-360s with 0.50 .cal RWS. This is for playability purposes.


The UK force has to be played as the mission can only end by the UK trigger activation, Fohnsdorf taken.


Multiplayer videos:





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Not sure how this will work for single player or co-op Vs Red since at least the first version had limited Red scripting and player controlled Triggers.


Also hopefully you've now put in penalty zones for the approach adopted in the video.

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