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The Battle of Abu-Ageila (1967) Six Day-War 1.0.1

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Battle of Abu-Ageila (1967) Six Day-War

 by Connaugh





      The Israeli attack at Abu-Ageila was part of the Israeli offensive into the Sinai Desert.  Maj. Gen. Sharon was ordered to capture the road junction at Abu-Ageila in order to gain access to the central route into the Sinai Desert.





      Northern Force (63 Armor) is to capture Position 181, destroying Egyptian Artillery and establish a blocking position west of Abu Ageila.  Central Force (14 Brigade) is to attack and capture Egyptian positions on Umm-Qatef and then advance to Abu Ageila. Southern Force (99 Brigade) is to capture Qusaymah and advance through the Daika Pass and then to Abu Ageila. A Paratrooper platoon will air assault Egyptian Artillery positions southeast of Abu Ageila.


Unit composition:


Northern Force:         1 Shot Kal Platoon, 1 x ASLAV-PC section



Central Force:          3 x Shot Kal Platoons,   1 x ASLAV-PC platoon

                        1 x Shot Kal/AMX-13 platoon


Southern Force:         1 x Shot Kal Platoon, 1 x ASLAV-PC section


Air Assault Force:      3 x Blackhawk helicopters




Three batteries of artillery (18 tubes) will be on call.


Armor units are equipped with Shot Kal and AMX-13.

Motorized Infantry Units are equipped with ASLAV-PC's.

CSS of Repair, Medical, and Supply are available.


Egyptian tank units are comprised of  T55A.

Infantry are equipped with anti-tank weapons.

Artillery is expected. So, keep moving.


Commander will activate the Trigger for the Air Assault of the Paratroopers.

Messages will be generated when objectives are captured.

Points scored for capturing Abu Ageila, Position 181, Umm Qatef, Qusaymah


150 minute time limit

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Corrected Call Sign error.


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