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by Connaugh



The Mountain War or Guerre de la Montagne in French, was a subconflict within the 1982-89 phase of the Lebanese Civil War, which occurred at the mountainous Chouf District located south-east of the Lebanese Capital Beirut. It pitted the Christian Lebanese Forces militia (LF) and the official Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) against a coalition of anti-government Muslim leftist militias led by the Druze Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), backed by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Syria. Hostilities began when the LF and the LAF entered the predominantly Druze Chouf district to bring back the region under government control, only to be met with fierce resistance from local Druze militias and their allies. 

In the wake of the June 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the main Maronite Christian ally of Israel, the Lebanese Forces (LF) militia of the Kataeb Party commanded by Bashir Gemayel sought to expand its area of influence in Lebanon. The LF tried to take advantage of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) advances to begin deploying troops in areas where they had not been present before. This territorial expansion policy was focused on regions known to harbor a large Christian rural population, such as the mountainous Chouf District, located south-east of Beirut. By early 1983, the Lebanese Forces' managed to establish garrisons at a number of key towns in the Chouf, namely Aley, Deir el-Qamar, Souk El Gharb, Kfar Matta, Bhamdoun, Kabr Chmoun and others. However, this brought them into confrontation with the local Druze community, who viewed the LF as intruders on their territory. 



As soon as the last Israeli units left the Chouf, the Druze launched a full-scale offensive on Lebanese Forces positions at villages throughout the Chouf.





Lebanese Forces, comprised of the Christian militias of: Phalangists, Marada, Tigers, and the Guardians of the Cedars of Lebanon, are to advance into the Chouf and recapture the lost villages.





Task Force: Tiger  objectives are Alayn and Bhamdoun.


Task Force: Phalange objectives are Bemkkine and Souk El Gharb.


Task Force: Marada objectives are Kafoun and Besrine.


Task Force: Cedar Guards objectives are Qabr Chmoun, Deir Mar Maroun,and Deir El Qamar




Lebanese Forces:  Phalange        1 x T-55A Tank Platoon, 1 x BTR-80 PC Platoon

                  Marada          1 x T-55A Tank Platoon, 1 x BTR-80 PC Platoon

                  Tiger           1 x T-55A Tank Platoon, 1 x BTR-80 PC Platoon

                  Cedar Guards    1 x T-55A Tank Platoon, 1 x BTR-80 PC Platoon



                        Each Task Force has:

                        CSS of Repair, Medic, and Supply

                        Truck Mortar Platoon

                        1 x M1025 HMMWV Recon


                        Artillery:   2 Batteries x 2 tubes




Druze:         T-55A Tanks. Infantry with Anti-tank weapons



Message will be generated when objectives are captured.


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Its a challenging scenario but be warned that the mountainous terrain takes some "unit management" to ensure everything gets to where you want it to go.

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