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Operation Wyatt Earp 1.0.0

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Operation Wyatt Earp
by Apocalypse


I. Situation.
NATO Forces are postured for an attack to clear the enemy capitol city. Your unit, the 1st Battalion of the 7th Brigade Combat Team, is staged in the East prepared to begin the attack. 


Enemy forces consist of one Battalion with approximately 5x Companies. 
    1st Company    Motorized Recon set in a screen line at approximately the 07 easting, providing early warning for defending infantry companies. This company consists of Fennek wheeled recon vehicles.
    2nd Company    Truck-mounted Infantry set in defensive positions along the river at crossing sites B1, B2, and B3. Equipped with Rifles, RPG-27s, light ATGMs, and 81mm mortars
    3rd Company    Mechanized infantry defending within the city limits. This is a armored element consisting of LAV and Warrior vehicles supported by dug-in infantry within the city.
    4th Company    Leopard 2A4 Tanks and rocket artillery set in a mobile defense that will counterattack and destroy any NATO forces crossing the river
    5th Company    Wiesel AT vehicles that will augment defenses along the river. Will work in conjunction with motorized infantry to destroy NATO forces attempting to cross the bridge


You task force is composed of 6x Companies plus artillery and aviation attachments. 
    A CO            Motorized Infantry (Eagle IV)
    B CO            Motorized Infantry (Eagle IV)
    C CO            Mechanized Infantry (M113 RWS & NZLAV-25)
    D CO            Mechanized Infantry and AA Support (M113 RWS & Gepard AA)
    E CO            Tank (M1A1HA), MGS (Centauro), and Wheeled Infantry (NZLAV)
    F CO            Tube and Rocket Artillery
    G CO            Attack and Transport Aviation (AH64 & UH60)
    H CO            Support Company
II. Mission
1st Battalion, 7th Brigade attacks to clear enemy forces from the capitol region in order to rapidly restore host-nation government services.


III. Execution
1. Your Task Force, 1st Battalion of the 7th BCT, will rapidly seize crossing sites and then clear the capitol city and nearby critical infastructure, consisting of the port and nearby airfield
2. Fires will be organic - you have been given control of Fox Company, and have 155mm tubes and rocket artillery organic to your Task Force


3. Commanders Intent


Purpose            The purpose of this operation is to liberate the capitol city and its nearby infastructure to enable the rapid restoration of government services within the host nation

Key Tasks            1. Seize crossing sites B1, B2, B3
            2. Clear the capitol of enemy forces
            3. Clear the port of enemy forces
            4. Clear the Airfield of enemy forces

Endstate            Terrain. Key terrain is cleared of enemy forces
            Enemy. Enemy is destroyed or defeated; unable to pose a significant threat to the restoration of host-nation government services
            Friendly. Friendly forces are postured and prepared to transition to stability operations
            Civil. Minimal collatoral damage to civilian infrastructure; prepared to rapidly restore government services to the region


IV. Service & Support
Hawk Company will provide all forms of support
1. Resupply
2. Refueling
3. Repair & Recovery


V. Command & Signal


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