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Company Team Bannon - Hold Obj Link 1.0.0

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Company Team Bannon - OBJ Link

04 AUG 1986, Kernsbach.

The Cold War has gone hot and we're a couple days into the Third World War.  Warsaw Pact and NATO forces are engaged in central Europe.  The local situation is very fluid.  Captain Bannon, your M1(IP) tank company is attached to a mechanized infantry battalion task force, TF 3/78 Inf.  The battalion spent the previous night road marching.  It is now ordered to conduct a forward passage of lines through the position of remaining elements of TF 2/93 Inf, who have been overwatching crossing points of the Kerns river along an important north/south line of communication.  TF 2/93 Inf has one mech company at Kernsbach guarding the Althausen crossing and their scout platoon is overwatching the crossing near the village of Lemm.  They report that there has been enemy activity in Althausen and Lemm and suspect that the bridges in these locations are covered with obstacles.  They also report that the Kerns should be fordable for tanks along the stretch just north of the scout platoon screen position.  The terrain feature opposite the 2/93 scouts just north of the river, marked on the map as OBJ LOG, is suspected to be occupied by a reinforced motor rifle company. 

Our battalion, 3/78 Infantry, will pass forward to clear and hold the village of Arnsdorf in order to secure the line of communication.  Your company team currently consists of one mechanzied infantry platoon, two tank platoons-your third platoon is short one tank lost to mechanical breakdown during last night's road march, your tank, the XO's tank, and an attached fire support team.  Bravo Company is in place and the battalion mortar platoon is on-site.  However, the task force became separated during the night road march and Charlie Company has not yet arrived.  Nevertheless, the battalion commander has just directed you in very clear terms that your team will, without delay, cross the Kerns river and secure OBJ LOG.  You will then also clear and secure OBJ Link.  After OBJ LINK is cleared, Bravo Company will move to clear Vogelburg, and Charlie Company -provided they make it here- will move to clear Arnsdorf.  You presently have priority of fire for the mortars.

Designer's notes:  

This scenario depicts a set of battles described in Harold Coyle's novel, 'Team Yankee'.  The battles, as described, take place over the span of several hours.  The company team takes significant losses securing LOG and then loses contact with the battalion as it clears LINK.  The remaining elements of the team hold at LINK for the night, waiting to re-establish contact the following day.  That night a motor rifle battalion counterattacks. This scenario generally follows the depiction with some slight modifications for gameplay. The scenario does not have a time limit and is designed to take place between 1900 hrs 04 AUG 1986 until about 0100 hrs 05 AUG 1986.  It is intended that the player may manage the time using the pause, save game, and F12 time compression function.  The F12 function compresses time if there is no contact between opposing forces. The player is tasked with clearing OBJ LOG and OBJ LINK, and then defends OBJ LINK from a counterattack.  The counterattacking forces do not spawn until 'H-Hour', which is set as 2300 hrs.  After spawning, the counterattacking forces take about 45 minutes to deploy before launching the counterattack.  After clearing both objectives and preparing to defend OBJ LINK, the player may compress time until the counterattack so long as there are no remaining forces in contact.  In order to facilitate gameplay by insuring that no undetected enemy forces may prevent use of the time compression function, clearing OBJ LOG is an event that once satisfied will result in a text message that the objective is clear.

The scenario will end if there are no longer any of the player's forces in OBJ LINK once the Red counterattack has begun, or if the player reduces the counterattacking forces in LINK to a number lower than his own (effectively holding the OBJ).

Scoring is based on clearing OBJs LOG and LINK, holding OBJ LINK against the counterattack, and the player's remaining strength.

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