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4th Dragoons at As-Salman, v4.1 1.0.1

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About This File

EDIT: The "unpublished" Delta map has been replaced with a published Delta Map.

Corrected version will be uploaded on the night of 2/22.


This is an old scenario updated to use the new V4.1 map system.  A folder is provided with the "Delta" map needed for this scenario.


This should be an easy scenario in SP for an experienced player, but can easily accommodate multiple players, especially for the final stage during the attack on the airbase.  Additional units will appear later in the battle, so be familiar with how to hand them off to other commanders if playing in multiplayer.  You have a wide selection of support units (supplies, etc) as well.


This scenario is inspired by some very broad and general information I had about the 6th French Light Division and 4th Dragoons attacking the town of As-Salman and the airbase north of it, on the left flank of the coalition attack into Iraq.


The real battle started at 05:30 that morning, and lasted until after 18:00.  This should not take as long.


This scenario has been heavily modified and reworked by Froggy!

The following updates are to be credited directly to him:


1. Accurate on map call-signs for the 4th Dragoons, 1st Spahi Regiment, and 3rd Marine Infantry Regiment.

2. Improved behavior and OOB of supporting units (3rd Marines) that assist the player in securing their objectives.

3. More accurate OOB, including 'AMX-30Bs' (Leo1A5 GE), VAB APCs (TPz Fuchs), Peugeot P4 scouting units (HMMWV), and AMX-10RC (Centauro).

4. More accurate ammunition loadouts in the 105mm armed vehicles to better simulate French doctrine at the time of the Gulf War, including a mix of APFSDS, HEAT, HE-Frag, and WP smoke rounds.


I understand that Arvigna has made an excellent French skin for the Leopard 1A5 GE, and I suggest you get yourself a copy.  With the introduction of version 4.1, French forces are now assigned the FR (2000) country code, meaning they now wear French desert camo and carry appropriate FAMAS type rifles.  Please ensure that if you have previously downloaded Arvigna's 1A5GE desert skin that it now goes in the FR 2000 folder.




4thDragoons v4_1.rar

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Previous upload included an "unpublished" delta map.  This has been re-uploaded with the "published" delta map included

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· Edited by inexus


Really enjoyed it. 


Excellent mission design. Good use of haze around the village and use of the hils surrounding it to embed defences and creating a great atmosphere. The only thing I wish was a difference skin for the leopards. 

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