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M1 Abrams Battle Tank Campaign for Steelbeasts ProPE 4.* 3.2.0

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About This File

I made a lot of changes in this version to fix a lot of problems and improve the game play significantly. Please read the text file included in the zip file.


These are the completely reworked missions for my M1ABT Campaign. You may find some minor problems or have some suggestions. I'm perfectly fine with you opening the missions in the editor and picking them over to see what I did. Please do not edit them and re-release them though. Submit any suggestions you have directly to me here. You will need the maps that I updated specifically for 4.* and they include the M1 bases. Please keep in mind that this is a fictitious campaign based on the original Dynamics console game, so the elements like bases and transmission towers had to be added to the maps to make them complete. I intend to string them together in a campaign file with sounds and other enhancements later this year but I need them out there so you guys can try them out and give me your input. Once they are in the campaign format, the missions will be locked to prevent any further editing.


In 1988, a software company called Dynamix developed a tank combat simulator game for DOS based computers called "M-1 Battle Tank" which was published by Electronic Arts. In 1991, EA teamed up with Sega of America to release it for the Sega Genesis console naming it "M-1 Abrams Battle Tank". Although very limited in scope it provided simulator enthusiasts a console based option and was truly a 3D simulator, meaning you could move or get engaged from any direction. The scenarios I’ve created for SteelBeasts mimic the scenarios from the console game. There are 8 missions in total, numbered and titled but feel free to play them out of order except for #1, "The Moselle Defense" as this mission sets up the story line. When you played the original console game in "Campaign" mode it randomized them somewhat. I hope you enjoy my versions of European defensive and offensive operations based on this classic console game! On some of the missions the score shows slightly wrong even though the victory conditions do work correctly so don't let that throw you off.


Thanks! Striker

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New Mission Zip File

What's New in Version 3.2.0   See changelog


Fixed missing penalty zone for main gun and removed wrong/inverted damage setup.

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The maps were made with the Steelbeasts map maker tool and nothing else. And both were pulled from two of the original converted maps and all I did was add my bases using objects only available in the editor and then fix the roads and bridges. I've run and extensively tested all of the missions on my system and have not seen any errors on my setup. I'm not saying there are not any at all but just that I haven't seen anything. Please check your SB version, clean out all incompatible files, check graphic settings, memory settings, background applications, scan for malware, exceptions for anti-virus or windows defender, all the usual suspects first. If you're still experiencing the problem, please include a screenshots and detailed explanation of the problem.

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Looks like you're using a custom map "Hanno Weserbergland M1BT Camp V2"


Easily solve though - Download Package is working

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Maybe the author's file description should contain the map UID to copy directly into the Map Package Transfer Manager's Query window; of course you can do so when being contronted with it when loading the scenario, per the dialog screen shown above (see the "Query" and "Download" buttons at the bottom).


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On 12/11/2022 at 4:05 PM, Leon Portier said:

Hey, the map download isn't working, it says "Map Package Not Found" when I hit the "Download Package" button. Any Ideas?

Hi Leon, just noticed your comment. There are 2 separate map packages for these missions. Which one are you having trouble with?
They're "Salisbury Plain M1BT Camp V2" and "Hannover Weserbergland M1BT Camp V2". You can find them on the map packages. They don't say v2 in the name though, only in the version number.


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